10 Funny Japanese Curse Words That Anime Taught Us

10 Funny Japanese Curse Words That Anime Taught Us

Any of these sound familiar?

Before we were obsessed with K-dramas, we were passionate about anime. We still are, actually. So, let’s take a brief break from K-pop culture and reminisce about all the fun times we’ve watched anime and learned a Japanese word or two. More specifically, funny Japanese curse words that we often hear in anime. We can’t be the only ones who’ve caught up with Japanese vocabulary over the years of watching our favourite anime shows!

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Japanese curse words we learned from Anime

1. Kuso – “shit”

Is this one of the first Japanese curse words you learned? Yeah, we thought so. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve seen anime characters say, “Kusooooo” with gritted teeth. What we weren’t aware of was that it actually meant “shit” until we looked it up!

2. Baka – “idiot”

Yet another super common Japanese curse word in anime. We’re not sure why anime characters love saying baka, meaning “idiot,” because the Japanese are usually polite. But who knows, they’re probably really frank with their close friends, just like what we see in anime. 

3. Bakayarou – “complete idiot”

Bakayarou is just a more expressive term or an upgrade from “idiot.” We hear this all the time too when anime leads are completely pissed. 

4. Nanda – “What the hell?”

Nanda is an aggressive question and can be used in a variety of ways. One of them is, “Nanda yo omae-wa?,” meaning “Who the hell do you think you are?” So when you hear an anime character say something with this word inserted, he ain’t playing!

5. Hentai – “perverted”

Don’t be hentai. Just don’t. It’s one of the last filthy and cringey Japanese curse words you’d want to be associated with. 

6. Shinee – “die”

Shinee is a Japanese swear word often thrown at the villain or the other way around. The villain also spits this at the protagonist in a showdown of strength, wit, or intelligence, depending on what kind of anime it is. 

7. Yaro – “jerk”

In case you do meet a perv or a jerk, shouting “Yaro!” would send your message loud and clear. It’s hard to come across an anime now where you don’t hear this Japanese swear word at least a few times in one season. 

8. Debu – “fatty”

Debu literally means chubby in Japanese, whether you mean it as an insult or not. But we suggest you don’t ever use this Japanese swear word to body shame your friends!

9. Kutabare – “Go to hell!”

Kutabare is a classic Japanese curse word for when anime walk out of a room or leave the scene in anger. Whether this word is muttered or shouted, it’s a pretty satisfying expression that rolls off the tongue effortlessly. 

10. Chikusho – “f*ck”

And of course, this wouldn’t be a list of Japanese curse words without the all-time favourite, “Chikusho!” We often hear this in classic anime scenes where the character’s gritting his teeth with fists clenched in frustration. Yup, it basically means “f*ck.” Shocker. 

Bonus: how to say “What the f*ck?” in Japanese

Want to take it a step further? Here we have a Japanese local YouTuber named George teaching us how to say “What the f*ck?” in Japanese. Say it with him: “Eeeeeeeeehhhh!”

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Now that we’ve refreshed your vocabulary with funny Japanese curse words we’ve learned from anime, don’t take this knowledge too seriously. It’s all for fun and entertainment the next time you watch anime or a Japanese film. Here’s a list of cool Samurai movies to watch too!

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