An Introduction to the Maldives: What to Know About Travelling There

An Interview With Visit Maldives: What to Know About Going There for the First Time

“New and exciting is a speciality of the Sunny Side of Life.”

With more than 1,200 islands, the Maldives thrives with “pristine beaches, tranquil islands, and world-renowned hospitality.” 

But explore further, and you’ll realise that there are “many phenomenal local islands in the Maldives, each with its own unique character, culture, and personality.” More than that, you’ll find “fascinating mangrove lakes and forests [that you can] kayak and paddle through.” 

This is just an introduction of what you can expect from your holiday in the Maldives, revealed Mr Thoyyib Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO & MD) of Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC). 

TripZilla recently had the chance to communicate with ‘Mr. Thoyyib to find out more about the Maldives. The following article contains snippets of said interview. 

Your introduction to the Maldives starts in the capital city

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“[Often] overlooked, the greater Malé area — with its bustling and vibrant cultural and societal [activities] — is worthy of [your first] one or two days [in the Maldives]. During your time here, head to the “exquisite coral mosques and other historical sights,” and discover the Maldives’ exceptional “culture and cuisine.” 

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Of course, stop at “the neighbouring island of Hulhumalé, [a man-made island that] combines tropical vibes with urban living.” Here, get a taste of local cuisine at the “several unique restaurants,” and stay the night at one of the many “boutique guesthouses.”

“Afterwards, embark on your journey and explore the local islands and resorts of the Maldives — for however long you please.” 

No Maldives holiday is complete without an island vacation

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As some of you might already know, “the Maldives’ famous and unique one-island-one-resort concept” is ideal for “ensuring that travellers vacationing in [the country’s] iconic luxury resorts have the entire island to themselves.” 

Thus, while a holiday in the mountains or a cabin in the woods offers its own peacefulness, you’re “guaranteed seclusion, luxury, and comfort” when you’re at the Maldives’ resorts. 

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Though a week or more on a luxury island sounds like it might get boring, ‘Mr. Thoyyib assures us otherwise. As he puts it, “there is so much to do [on an island]. [Start by] exploring every nook and cranny of the islands, [go] snorkelling and diving [among] corals, go on a sunset cruise, surf some of the world’s most iconic breaks, indulge in a spa treatment, watch a movie on the beach, get your thrill with watersports, and more.” Simply put, the activity of choice is up to you.

A different kind of Maldives holiday

Unique ecosystems

Addu Nature Park

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But let’s say you’ve been to the Maldives before and want to experience a different kind of Maldives holiday. 

For this, ‘Mr. Thoyyib recommends spending time discovering “the unique ecosystems in the Maldives,” which are something “a lot of travellers may not be aware of.” Start at the “forested mangroves of Fuvahmulah Nature Park and Addu Nature Park, [both located] in southern Maldives.” These places offer a look into a different side of Maldives, “with its enchanting areas full of unique wildlife not seen elsewhere in the Maldives.” 


On the other hand, if you wish to have “a diverse variety of experiences” — all at once — choose liveaboards. 

“An often overlooked option, liveaboards combine adventure with luxury. [This way,] you can embark across the Maldivian Atolls, explore the best dive spots, and surf the best breaks.” ‘Mr. Thoyyib summed up the appeal of this unique style of living perfectly in that it “does not restrict you to one place.” Simply put: “Why have one thing, when you can have it all?”

On a budget-friendly Maldives holiday

maldives local islands

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On that note, why not consider “boutique guesthouses on local islands” for a different kind of accommodation experience? 

‘Mr. Thoyyib reminds us that for the “inquisitive traveller, local islands are full of secret treasures” waiting to be uncovered. “With a bit of research, [you] will find your perfect island, [and be in for a time of] immersing [yourself] in the Maldivian culture and heritage.” At the end of the day, aren’t holidays about “making memories last for a lifetime?” 

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We left off by asking ‘Mr. Thoyyib what his favourite island was, to which he heartily expressed that “with some 1,200 islands, it’s impossible to choose one.” He reminded us of the “delightfully unique personality” of each island, where “some are loved for their surf breaks, while others might boast an exceptionally lively coral garden.” ‘Mr. Thoyyib quipped that “[you] will just have to see all [the islands] first before [choosing your favourite one].” 

Now the question is — which island will you choose for your Maldives holiday?

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