[Infographic] A Comparison of the Best Credit Cards for Travellers

[Infographic] A Comparison of the Best Credit Cards for Travellers

Should you get the Citibank Rewards Card, POSB Everyday Card, UOB Titanium Credit Card or something else? Find out the best credit cards for travel.

There are so many different credit cards available in the market that it is quite a mind-boggling task to find the best one to use for travel. To help travellers out, the infographic below gives a quick comparison of various credit cards. The comparison markers used are flight miles and cash rebates that one is able to accumulate through spending.

To own a credit card, there is usually a minimum income requirement. This comparison only includes credit cards that require their owners to have an annual income range between SGD 30000 and SGD 60000.

best Credit Card for travel

Do take note that you should always reaffirm the information here with the relevant sources such as official bank websites. The rates for application and the benefits of owning these credit cards may change from time to time.

May you get the best bang for your buck by owning the best credit cards, and don’t forget to always be on a lookout for the best flight deals from Singapore.

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