How to Survive Travelling with Your Partner

How to Survive Travelling with Your Partner

Travelling with your partner isn't easy and may even wreck a relationship. Find out how to avoid this and make the most of your honeymoon.

Travelling with your partner often takes the relationship to a new level. Truth be told, it may even make or break the relationship. Sure, you love the time spent together on movie dates and nice dinners back at home, but what happens when the both of you are lost in a foreign street, cold and hungry, and the last time you had the company of someone else was three days ago?

But of course, a successful trip with your partner can also immensely strengthen the relationship and create some of the best memories shared between the both of you. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that and make it out alive.

1. Plan the trip together

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In a relationship, it is common for one person to be doing most of the planning while the other is just content to be led. But if you are going to be travelling and living so closely 24/7, it is important to devise an itinerary that is complementary for the both of you. Understand each other’s interests, budgets and style of travelling and based on these considerations, come up with ideal destinations and activities for the both of you.

2. Prepare to uncover habits you didn’t know about

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So, you never knew she takes an hour for her vanity every morning. You never knew he is that OCD about pressing his clothes every day. Travelling together exposes you to each other’s habits that may possibly turn you off. Rather than being intolerable with these quirks, learn to accept them as this is the true, unconcealed side of who you are dating.

3. Spend time alone

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Set aside a day or two and be apart from each other for your sanity. This allows the both of you to catch a breather from the petty disputes and frustrations and you can also finally visit that museum your partner is absolutely uninterested in. Absence makes the heart grows fonder as well. Time apart can be healthy for the relationship as it makes you appreciate your partner and time spent together more.

4. Make time for romance

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It doesn’t matter if the both of you are not in Paris; create your own romance! Even if your destination is nowhere near romantic, find some ways to include quiet walks, occasional dinners at fancy restaurants or even little gifts to surprise your other half along the way. Keep the sparkle going, a few romantic activities during your vacation wouldn’t hurt.

5. Meet other people

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Couples tend to keep to themselves and this misses them out on meeting other like-minded travellers or locals who can help create a better travelling experience. Set aside some time to meet up and travel with friends or get in touch with the local people. This also gives you a chance to learn more about your partner by interacting with each other in group settings. Plus, having new company is always a refreshing experience amidst your honeymoon.

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6. Manage expectations and hiccups

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Remember, it is not always like what you see on honeymoon ads. It is inevitable for fights and hiccups to happen while travelling. From the beginning, both of you have to be aware that the picture is not all rosy and expectations have to be adequately handled. Be prepared for flight delays, frustrating queues at restaurants and constant disagreements. Most importantly, do not bear grudges and constantly communicate honestly about each other’s feelings.

7. Do not be calculative

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After spending a great deal of time together, annoyance over petty issues can start to amplify. From stealing your side of the blanket at night to constantly not having enough cash to pay for his meals, such trivial matters may start to piss you off. But if you do love your other half, it is okay to share your things and be the bigger person. Being a couple means you have to give in to each other and being stingy is never the way to go.

8. Be yourself, let loose and have fun

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Do not be too caught up in trying to make everything perfect and simply enjoy your surroundings and your company wherever you go. When you start enjoying yourself, good things naturally happen and the best memories would be created.

If you can travel with your partner, you can do anything together. Keep in mind these tips and enjoy the best honeymoon you will experience! It may even make you realise that you’ve found yourself a soulmate you want to explore the rest of the world with.

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