Robots Taking Over Room Service? Meet Hotel Jen's Newest Staff

Robots Taking Over Room Service? Meet Hotel Jen’s Newest Staff

Thanks to technology, these guys get the job done fast and efficiently. Goodbye, slow service!

Ever experienced slow room service while staying at a hotel? When you’re desperate for an extra bottle of water or starving in the middle of the night, a long wait is the last thing you need. Luckily for guests at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and Tanglin Singapore, they don’t have to worry about facing such a situation not when the hotel uses autonomous Relay bots.

Relay bots are bots built from advanced technology, and are specially designed to deliver items quickly, safely, and reliably ultimately making your room service experience a pleasant and smooth one. What’s more: Hotel Jen is the first international hotel chain in Asia to use these Relay bots.

The hotel has two bots, affectionately named as Jeno and Jena, stationed at its lobby 24/7. You’ll see them for sure: they both have bright, unmistakeable costumes; Jeno in a turquoise jacket and tie and Jena in a pink uniform and scarf.

The pair stand at almost one metre tall and move unmanned around the hotel at a safe speed of 2.5 km/h half that of the average human walking speed. They can also ride the elevators, make phone calls to rooms upon arrival, and are equipped with sensitive sensors which will help them avoid obstacles in their way!

Jeno and Jena are integrated with a software system that can easily track their to-do list once an order is placed. So if guests need their midnight supper fix, they can expect one of the pair to have their food delivered within 15 minutes, from a menu featuring local flavours from midnight to 6am.

As it turns out, Relay bots are becoming a thing now. Since their launch in 2014, Savioke, the company behind the bots, has seen them in over 70 dynamic busy environments such as logistics, hotels, office buildings, and even high rise apartments.

Whether or not you like the idea of bots roaming about to attend to us, you have to agree that it’s not only pretty cool it makes things a lot more efficient too. If you’re interested to see Jeno and Jena in person, why not spend the weekend at Hotel Jen? You may just be greeted by them at the lobby.

Information extracted from press release issued by Leap Marketing Asia on behalf of Hotel Jen

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