Instagram Data Reveals The Top 10 Emerging Destinations in 2017

Instagram Data Reveals The Top 10 Emerging Destinations in 2017

Instagram’s data researchers have named these 10 countries as the hottest travel destinations in 2017.

These days, social media is everything. It’s even changing the way we travel. While the main driving force behind our desire to travel abroad used to come from books and films, it has now shifted to social media. Inspiration comes in many forms, and Instagram stories, photos and videos are some of them.

Think about it: How many times have you looked at the travel photos on your Instagram feed and thought “Wow, I really want to go there” or started researching more about a location your friend has geotagged in their post?

And here we present to you, the top ten emerging travel destinations with the largest increase in user tags in the first six months of 2017, according to Instagram’s data:

1. Indonesia

can’t get enough of these amazing cliffs 😍✨ no better place to enjoy the golden hour! #bali #travel 📷 @keeevsch

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2. United Kingdom

3. Italy

4. Spain

5. Germany

6. Brazil


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7. Hong Kong

8. United States

9. Switzerland

10. Singapore

It’s not a bad thing to let Instagram decide your next travel destination.

So go on, get your travel fix and Instagram your way around the world to inspire your followers.

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