Singapore Adds Switzerland and Australia to Extend Its VTL Scheme

Singapore Adds Switzerland and Australia to Its Vaccinated Travel Lanes Scheme

This marks 11 countries now under the Singapore VTL scheme!

Singapore will expand its quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to Australia and Switzerland from 8 Nov. 

What to know about this VTL: Switzerland

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Under the VTL scheme, travellers from Singapore can travel to Switzerland without needing to quarantine upon arrival. This applies also to leisure travel!

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Furthermore, with Singapore having opened up its VTLs with eight other European countries, including Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Italy, you can even travel to these other VTL destinations to make the most out of your European vacation. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each country you’re visiting is subject to relevant travel restrictions. 

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Be that as it may, in order to be eligible for a quarantine-free flight back to Singapore, all travellers must remain in a VTL country at least 14 days prior to departure. In other words, if you travel to any non-VTL country, you’re not eligible to book a VTL-designated flight back home.

What to know about this VTL: Australia

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Currently, this VTL will only allow fully vaccinated Australian citizens and PRs to travel to Singapore for all purposes of travel without quarantine restrictions. 

On the other hand, travel from Singapore to Australia will only be allowed for student and business pass holders in this first stage of the scheme.

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Therefore, leisure tourists hoping to travel to Australia have to wait until a later stage to travel quarantine-free; or, undergo the mandatory quarantine upon arrival if they wish to travel anytime soon. This is in line with Australia’s current border control measures.

Besides remaining in a VTL country for 14 days prior to departure, a pre-departure PCR test has to be taken 72 hours before the flight, too. 

If VTLs still confuse you, refer to our complete guide that has everything you need to know from pre-departure to arriving in your VTL country. Having said that, we can only hope that we’ll be seeing more VTLs opening up as the end of the year draws near! 

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