Exploring the UK: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Trip

What to Know Before Travelling to the United Kingdom

Time to start planning that well-deserved UK trip!

Are you going to travel to the United Kingdom anytime soon? Whether you’re going alone or with family and friends, this will be a memorable and well-needed trip to relax your mind and surround yourself with pleasant memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Exploring the UK is fun and exciting and brings many chances to learn about its rich history, culture, and norms. The picturesque wide road networks, train lines, and highways exhibit a planned infrastructure that spans across European countries. 

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Upon arriving in the UK, you may witness strict security screening at the airport as the rules and regulations are stringent at the country’s borders and immigration.

Before booking your flight, do not forget to check out the requirements, which may land you in trouble in case you miss any of these. Make up your mind about some extra time that you will be going to spend in the checking queues at the airport as the extended waiting time is quite obvious in certain cases.

Arriving in the UK

exploring the UK

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After arriving and de-stressing, you’ll then need to consider utilising airport parking. If you have arrived from the airport and are feeling excited to spend your summer holidays touring vibrant UK landscapes, you may plan to use an airport car park to bring ease and comfort to your trip. Utilising airport car parking is extremely easy.

You can also find some reputed parking service providers such as Parkos, which is available in more than 14 countries. This will help you find comfortable and safe airport parking.

If you are bringing your own vehicle, the long-term airport parking service can save you from unnecessary parking expenditures and the extra travel charges you may spend on an Uber or a taxi. Driving your own car on the wide road networks of Britain is ideal as you don’t have to rely on anything else to get to your destination. 

Things to do in the UK

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The UK has so much to explore, from its cultural heritage to the exceptionally made infrastructure to the abundance of nature and green landscapes; the list goes to infinity.

Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England have an abundance of cafes, museums, historical places, restaurants, gardens, rich forts, parks full of wonder, and places to soothe your touristy soul. Enjoy the unique amalgamation of nature and leisure brought together.

There are plenty of things to do in every UK destination you go to. We rounded up some delible and exciting activities you should do on your trip to the UK.

1. Explore the treasure of the national parks

exploring the UK

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The national parks in the UK are not only made for entertaining the people, but the incredible rolling and diversified mountain hills and old wooden areas depict a sense of learning to anyone fond of exploring nature. 

Uncover the hidden beauty of the UK’s national parks and discover its idyllic peaks, lakes, and rugged landscapes, which are humongous enough to stun any visitor.

The Peak District, Snowdonia, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, and New Forest are some of the beautiful and must-visit national parks. These are guaranteed to leave you with a lush experience full of twists and turns. The steep hills, animals gazing around, and the stupendous mountain peaks are soothing for tourists.

2. Go fossil hunting

exploring the UK

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The Jurassic Coast is famous worldwide for its wide history of rocks that extend back 185 million years. Situated in Southern England, this 95-mile-long stretch of coastline extends between Dorset and Devon. Due to the stunning land carvings, rocks, fossils, and many hidden treasures, this World Heritage Site draws the attention of millions of tourists every year.

Fossil collecting is one of those activities the tourists indulge in to hunt and collect the buried pieces of earth’s native history. The Jurassic Coast is widely popular among fossil collectors as it is the only place on earth where the rocks and fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous ages can all be found.

3. Visit the prehistoric monument, Stonehenge

exploring the UK

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Stonehenge is regarded as a marvel and a stupendous act of infrastructural creativity. It takes the central stage in the history of entire Britain as it is connected to strong astronomical beliefs. It is also famous among those who are curious about conspiracy theories and accounts of human sacrifice.

Located in Wiltshire, England, near the cathedral city of Salisbury, it is evident from the facts that the stones to build this prehistoric monument were raised almost 4,500 years ago. The Stonehenge site attracts many tourists throughout the year, especially during June and December.

The only times when visitors are allowed to enter the circle are during the summer and winter solstice celebrations. For the rest of the year, visitors may only walk around the stone circle.

4. Head out to Blakeney Point

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If you are fond of witnessing the wildlife and want to spend some time near their habitat, Blakeney Point at the top of Norfolk Coastline will give you an amusing sight. There are various migrant birds and plenty of wildlife; including barn owls, marsh harriers, hens, peregrines, little terns, and oystercatchers.

But the best thing about Blakeney Point is the seals that make for spectacular photo ops. Nothing beats the experience of taking a picture with the seals around! See these peaceful, beautiful creatures diving in the sea and soaking in the sun. The seal colony is an interesting thing you must see when you’re exploring the UK.

5. Delve into the local delicacies

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The United Kingdom has a strong royal connection in its heritage and history, but this connection is not limited here. For food lovers, the country has a plethora of delicacies and dining spots which cater to the best experience for visitors.

With multiple food options and a variety of cuisines from all across the world, the UK holds a special spot for its unique and tempting flavours. From finding classy and blissful food items to munching upon scrumptious traditional dishes, the land has everything for everyone.

There are lots of food spots in the UK to enjoy a memorable dining experience. Delve into the royal traditions of Baileys Fish & Chips. Indulge in the contemporary recipes of The Table, the evergreen Thai food, and enjoy popular steaks at the Dakota Bar & Grill. Go crazy over desi food at Koolba and experience the buzzing scene at Bar San Juan.

6. Climb the highest mountains in Wales

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If you are into challenging your adventurous soul with some mountain climbing expeditions, head out to Ben Nevis. Here, you can challenge yourself by climbing a sky-high mountain while enjoying the breathtaking views. While you are heading towards the peak, you will pass through CarnMorDearg Arete, after which you will touch the highest peak point of Ben Nevis.

Mountain climbing requires a lot of guts, and once you have explored the hidden peaks of the mountains, this experience stays with you for a lifetime. The UK proudly welcomes such tourists who want to take their knack of adventures to a whole new level.

7. Spot the Loch Ness Monster

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A strongly existing reality for some, a mere myth for others; the Loch Ness Monster, now known as “Nessie,” is a strong part of fascinating stories popular among many people. 

Loch Ness Lake is a mysterious place where Nessie supposedly resides. It is the second-largest and also the second-deepest lake in Scotland. You’ll find it in the southwest of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands

Due to the depth, the water of Loch Ness appears darker than most lakes. This makes the existence of Nessie unclear to many. However, the frequent “sighting” of this lake monster keeps visitors curious about its supposed existence. If you are fond of visiting mysterious spots, you can take a boat trip across the water stretches near Inverness.

8. Walk inside the museums of London

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Exploring the UK wouldn’t be complete without visiting its museums, especially in London. Most museums here are free and offer great fascination and history about the United Kingdom. These are packed with wonderful experiences; from immersive exhibitions to stunning displays of embellishments and royal accessories.

The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum are some of the popular free museums in London that offer immersive learning experiences.

What can you explore in the UK with US$100?

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The United Kingdom is an expensive tourist destination and offers a lot to its tourists. If you are planning to visit the UK while keeping your budget under US$100, you must plan your tour thoughtfully.

With a budget of US$100, here’s what you can do:

  • London museums are usually free, and without spending a penny, you can take an insight into the fascinating and stunning museums full of historical displays.
  • Have five full meals, a dinner for two at any not-too-expensive restaurant, and at least five servings of fish.
  • You can enjoy Literary Pub Crawl, hop-on and hop-off sightseeing bus tours, and three open-top bus tours around London.
  • Accommodation in the UK is pretty expensive. However, there are hotels in the UK that charge US$20 to US$30 a night per person, which is absolutely fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the top places in England that are free to visit?

Royal Botanic, Birmingham Museum, The National Museum London, Kew Gardens, The Barras Market, and Columbia Road Flower Market are some of the popular spots in England. All of these have no entrance fee and are therefore free to visit.

How much an average tourist spends on travelling in the UK on a week’s holiday?

It may cost around £400 to £420 per person to spend in the UK on a one-week tour.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking in the UK in advance?

Yes, booking airport parking in advance in the United Kingdom is quite cheaper.

What are the most popular street food items in the UK?

Some of the popular street food items in the UK include Buns, dumplings, Honeycomb Doughnuts, Smoked Brisket, Grilled Pork Salad, Tandoori Bhaji, and Deep-Fried jackfruit.

Who is Nessie?

Nessie is the mysterious monster allegedly residing in the Loch Ness Lake of Scotland. However, there is no scientific revelation about this creature; various investigators and common people have witnessed this creature at Loch Ness Lake.

exploring the UK

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How much did tourism contribute to the economy of the UK?

In the UK, tourism has brought tremendous growth in its economy. In the year 2021, almost £132 billion were generated by this sector.

Which country visits the UK the most?

The visitors who visit the UK the most often are from the US.

Which cities in the world welcome the most number of visitors every year?

Bangkok, Paris, London, and Dubai top the list of cities that welcome the most visitors every year.

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The beauty of the United Kingdom is not limited to specific aspects. Every place in the country has touristy attractions, which is why many tourists flock here every year. Whether you are a party animal or a nature lover, you’ll find something to your liking while exploring the UK.

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