Hanoi Without Motorbikes? This Might Be A Possibility in 2030

Hanoi Without Motorbikes? This Might Be A Possibility in 2030

Hanoi officials approved a proposal to ban motorbikes in metropolitan districts by 2030 in a bid to ease traffic congestion and pollution.

Vietnam is notorious for its heavy traffic and congestion, especially in places like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In fact, one of the first few things travellers have to learn in Vietnam is how to cross the streets – an exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping endeavour.

There is hardly any escape; up to date, the bike-to-human ratio is 5 (mil) to 7 (mil). This does not come as a surprise as it is the most affordable mode of transport. In Vietnam, entire families and bulky goods stacked precariously on motorbikes are a common sight.

As shocking as it is for a traveller to witness the dizzying and never-ending stream of traffic, it is even more shocking that Hanoi officials recently announced a ban of motorbikes in Hanoi by 2030. This is a rather extreme bid to ease congestion and address the environmental issues that have plagued the city thus far.

A report on the government website highlighted that “traffic jams and air pollution will become serious in the future if no immediate management measures are in place”. In view of this, city councillors voted for the ban almost unanimously on Tuesday. In practice, the ban will be implemented in the metropolitan districts and to cope with the ban, the city would see an increase in options for public transportation services.

Not surprisingly, this move has brought about unhappiness – and even a tinge of incredulity – amongst locals. Some questioned whether or not the promised public transport system would come to fruition, while others commented that it would be better to have the proper transport system in place before implementing the ban.

An expert from the World Bank Vietnam, Jung Eun Oh, also disagreed with the viability of the ban, stating that “When you just employ banning as one measure they never succeed.”

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It’s hard to imagine Hanoi without any motorbikes, and we hope the country can find a way around this. While you still have the chance, be sure to plan a trip to Hanoi and soak in the atmosphere along the traffic-congested streets.

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