A Guide to Endau Rompin: How to Get There, What to Do & Where to Stay

A Guide to Endau Rompin: How to Get There, What to Do & Where to Stay

Take a walk on the wild side at one of Malaysia’s oldest rainforests!

If you’ve never heard of Endau Rompin National Park, listen up! You’d definitely want to make a trip down after reading this article. Covering an area of almost 900 square kilometres, the vast national park makes up a part of two Malaysian states. It also got its name from the two main rivers of the two states: Johor’s Endau River and Pahang’s Rompin River.

Endau Rompin National Park contains some of the oldest rainforests in the world! The vast national park does not only offer pristine forests and majestic waterfalls; it’s also home to some of Malaysia’s most endangered animals, such as the Malayan Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Here’s all the information you need for a walk on the wild side.

How to get to Endau Rompin National Park

There are three entry points to Endau Rompin National Park: Peta, Selai, and Kuala Rompin. The two most popular entry points — that are also managed by the government — are Peta and Selai. Both entry points are accessible via Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

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A four-wheel drive vehicle is required as the roads to the park are rugged. You can hire transportation service from Johor National Parks Corporation’s website. The drivers will pick you up at the meeting points and take you safely to Endau Rompin National Park.

Getting to the park via Peta

The pick-up point is at Kahang town. From Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur, you can opt to take the train or bus to Kluang. From there, hop on a local bus or taxi to Kahang.

Getting to the park via Selai

The pick-up point is at Bekok town. The easiest way to get to Bekok is to take a train from Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur. If you’re taking the bus instead, alight at Yong Peng first. Then, take a local bus or taxi to Bekok.

Where to stay at Endau Rompin National Park

Depending on your comfort level, there are three types of accommodations available at the national park — camping, the National Park Dorm, and National Park Chalets.


Spend the night in a tent for a true-blue jungle experience! For under RM60 (~S$19.70) per tent a night, you can camp at Pantai Burung, Kuala Jasin, and Kuala Marong.

As you should already expect, the campsites’ facilities are very back-to-basics with simple toilets, cold showers, and a cooking area. On the bright side, the campsites offer you scenic views as they are located along the river!

National Park Dorm

If you want to mingle with your fellow adventurers, stay at the National Park Dorm. Each gender-segregated dorm is filled with more than 30 bunk beds. You can enjoy a comfortable stay with fresh linens and fans that are turned on for a few hours each night. Showers and bathrooms are conveniently located in an adjoining building. Lockers are available but bring your own padlock for peace of mind.

National Park Dorms are located behind the Visitors Centre at Kampung Peta. The prices are also pocket-friendly, costing only RM25 (~S$8.20) per bed a night.

National Park Chalets

Chalets are the cushiest accommodation you can opt for at Endau Rompin National Park. They’re available at Kampung Peta and Kuala Jasin. Do take the term “cushy” with a pinch of salt as there’s no aircon, only fans, and electricity only runs for a few hours every night. However, the chalets are equipped with comfy beds and en-suite bathrooms.

Depending on the room’s size, Chalets can accommodate two to six people. Prices range from RM80 (~S$26.25) to RM150 (~S$49.20) a night.

Where to eat at Endau Rompin National Park

The only proper food facility in the park is the canteen at the Park Headquarters, located in Kampung Peta. The canteen serves up humble Malaysian dishes, such as stir-fried veggies and chicken curry with rice.

You will need to cook your meals in the jungle if you’re exploring other areas of the expansive park. Yes, you will need to bring along your own ingredients, cooking utensils, and a gas stove. If you have opted for the package tours offered by the park, you’re all covered! All meals are included and your guide will carry your “jungle kitchen”.

Things to do or see at Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park is teeming with stunning natural wonders, flourishing flora and fauna, and rich culture. Here’s a lowdown of the highlights of the national park you simply cannot miss.

1. Buaya Sangkut Waterfall

If you look closely, you can see the shape of a crocodile in the rock formation! Since the croc looks like it can’t climb up the waterfall, the waterfall was named Buaya Sangkut Waterfall, which translates to “trapped crocodile”.

The trek up to Buaya Sangkut Waterfall is very strenuous as a big chunk of the climb features a 60-degree incline! However, your sweat (and perhaps some tears?) will definitely be rewarded by the majestic 120-metres tall waterfall.

2. Upeh Guling Waterfall

Can you imagine taking a long soak in a natural bathtub? You can do so at the remarkable Upeh Guling Waterfall. Over millions of years, swirling waters that carried pebbles created a hole out of the solid rock. The outcome is one of nature’s most impressive handiwork!

Sit on a dry patch on the smooth solid rock and take in the picturesque views of the waterfalls. Experience total serenity as you watch the emerald waters flow. Add to that the calming sounds of the falls, and you’ll know you’re in an undeniable Eden.

3. Tasik Air Biru

Image credit: Johor National Parks Corporation

Tasik Air Biru means “blue water lake” in Malay. Although it doesn’t need further explanation, the beauty of Tasik Air Biru simply has to be reiterated. You’ll feel as though you’ve caught a glimpse of paradise when you lay your eyes on the enchanting lake with superbly clear waters.

The cool, blue waters will beckon you to jump in, especially after a long trek. Before heading in, do note that the depth of the lake is deeper than you think! As you take a dip, try to spot the many different varieties of river animals in the water.

4. Water Tubing

For the thrill-seekers out there, water tubing is the perfect activity for you. Armed with just a paddle, navigate the flowing river and try to dodge low-lying boulders on a rubber tube.

You don’t have to worry about capsising or hitting a boulder as you will be provided with a life jacket and helmet for safety. Have your fill of thrills as you meander down Lubuk Tapah until Lubuk Merekek.

5. Orang Asli

Orang Jakun, an aboriginal group that’s also known as the Orang Asli, call the Endau-Rompin area their home. In fact, Kampung Peta is one of their settlement villages. Be sure to strike up a conversation with the friendly Orang Asli. They are more than happy to share their interesting folklore and history.

Immerse yourself in their mesmerising culture. Learn about the Orang Asli traps and try out their blowpipe! Don’t forget to snap a shot of yourself shooting darts from the Orang Asli’s primary hunting tool.

Tips when visiting Endau Rompin National Park

Image credit: Johor National Parks

  • The admission fee to the Endau Rompin National Park is RM10 (~S$3.30). You will also have to pay an additional RM10 (~S$3.30) for a trekking permit and insurance.
  • There is a limit to the number of visitors allowed inside the park at any particular time. It is highly recommended that you book your visit at least three days in advance.
  • The best time to visit Endau Rompin National Park is between April to October. Although the park is said to be open all year round, the roads to get to the park are untraversable during the monsoon season from November to March.
  • It is compulsory for all visitors to hire local guides when they stay overnight or go trekking to the waterfalls.
  • Although Endau Rompin National Park is home to tigers and rhinos, these animals are known to be very elusive. One Orang Asli guide is said to have seen a tiger only once in his life.
  • The one wildlife you will definitely encounter is leeches. Bring along special leech socks to repel the pesky parasites.
  • As the park is hours away from civilisation and doesn’t have any convenience stores, be sure to pack everything you need, such as insect repellent, medication, and torch lights.

Lastly, there is no phone signal in Endau Rompin National Park. Although this might sound like a nightmare to most of us digital zombies, unplugging would serve us many benefits! So put down your phones and open your eyes to a myriad of breathtaking attractions in Endau Rompin National Park. When are you booking your nature adventure?

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