Switzerland Entry Requirements: All You Need to Know Before Visiting

Switzerland Entry Requirements: All You Need to Know Before Visiting

The alpine country welcomes foreign visitors without RT-PCR tests!

Update as of 1 Apr 2022: Switzerland has lifted all travel restrictions related to COVID-19. 

Mesmerising mountainscapes, luxury hotels, chocolate delights — don’t you just dream of travelling to Switzerland soon? Fortunately, the alpine country now welcomes fully vaccinated international tourists. Before you pay a visit, here’s everything you need to know about the latest Switzerland entry requirements.

Switzerland entry requirements

switzerland entry requirements

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Switzerland is now open to fully vaccinated travellers from all over the world. The country recognises most vaccine brands on WHO’s Emergency Use Listing. Click here for a list of vaccines recognised in Switzerland.

Entry requirements differ depending on country of origin and reason for entry. You may consult about your specific entry requirements through the Travelcheck website here

Travellers from low-risk countries may enter Switzerland with minimal travel restrictions. However, travellers from high-risk countries MUST adhere to the current restrictions, such as showing proof of complete vaccination, to enter Switzerland. Accompanied travellers under 18 years old are exempt from this vaccination requirement. 

Pre-arrival documents for travel to Switzerland

All fully vaccinated travellers must meet the following Switzerland travel requirements:

  • Passport with at least three months validity
  • Valid visa (if applicable)
  • Certificate from the Swiss diplomatic mission abroad
    • For third-country visitors who are visa-exempt. Confirm this with your respective airline.
  • Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. Only these documents will be accepted:
    • Swiss COVID certificate
    • EU/EFTA COVID Certificate
    • Other WHO-authorised proof of vaccination (must include first and last namedate of birthdate and place of vaccination, and vaccine brand)

Arrival in Switzerland

travelling to switzerland

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Most tourists are no longer subject to pandemic-related measures when travelling to Switzerland. However, those from areas of concern may still be subject to certain health protocols, including completing an entry form, getting tested, and undergoing mandatory quarantine.

As of writing, no countries are listed as areas of concern. You may confirm the status of your origin on the Travelcheck website. 

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Switzerland – Singapore VTL Travel Requirements

The Switzerland – Singapore VTL opened on 26 Oct 2021. There are currently no additional/separate requirements for those travelling to Switzerland via the VTL. However, before returning to Singapore, make sure you understand the complete list of VTL requirements here.

During your stay

switzerland entry requirements

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All visitors are expected to follow the usual pandemic protocols. Keep social distancing and washing hands. Wear your face mask in public transportation vehicles, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, and other publicly accessible indoor areas. 

Before travelling to Switzerland, check out the nationwide rules and cantonal measures here. Remember to adhere to these regulations, as violators will be fined.

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Excited to cross Switzerland off your bucket list? Click here to jumpstart your pre-travel planning!

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