Fully Vaccinated Travellers Are Now Quarantine-Free in Cambodia

Fully Vaccinated Travellers Are Now Quarantine-Free in Cambodia

Hello, Angkor Wat!

The Kingdom of Cambodia had one of the strictest travel restrictions in the world at the start of the pandemic. It would even go as far as to quarantine every single person in the same flight as someone who tested positive upon arrival, even if other passengers tested negative. But now, Cambodia is joining countries welcoming foreign tourists quarantine-free, as long as they’re fully vaccinated and present a negative PCR test result. 

This was implemented on 15 Nov 2021. Prime Minister Hun Sen made the announcement in a voice message on social media. In his words, “After seeing that people have two doses and a negative COVID test, they will be allowed to travel all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.” In addition, foreign tourists will have to show a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before travel and proof of the full inoculation of their corresponding vaccine. Unvaccinated travellers will still have to quarantine for 14 days. 

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The Prime Minister added, “This is a quick way to reopen the country and facilitate travel for our people. I know some of our citizens want to go abroad but are worried about coming back with quarantine required.” As of writing, Cambodia has fully vaccinated more than 100.05% of its targeted 10 million people above 18 years old. Meanwhile, more than 97% of some 1.83 million Cambodians under the age of 18 have also been covered.

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Cambodia has been logging less than 100 cases a day. So, it’s actually a lot safer than other destinations that have opened to fully vaccinated tourists. Maybe it’s time to plan a quarantine-free Cambodia adventure. Angkor Wat’s been lonely for too long!

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