Fresh Perfumes: 10 Scents If You Just Want to Smell Fresh All Day

10 Sweet Perfumes When You Just Want to Smell Fresh

Smell clean all day!

Since many of us continue to work from home (and it’s apparent that some businesses will continue to do so post-pandemic), what we need is something that will keep us motivated and in the zone as if we were actually in an office. Beyond building our own workstations at home and gussying up for Zoom meetings, choosing a fresh perfume can be the key to uplift one’s work attitude. 

We don’t need a fragrance that’s over the top or expensive. We just need something that smells sweet and fresh; something that will make us feel like we’ve just stepped out of the shower or into a garden. If you’re looking for the same thing, here’s a list of well-loved fresh perfumes!

1. Angie by Rosie Jane

Starting this list of fresh perfumes is a scent that was inspired by Los Angeles, hence the scent name Angie. Considered as a love letter to LA, it’s surprising that this perfume doesn’t smell anything like it; at least, when it comes to car exhaust and broken hearts. 

This simple fragrance takes the smell of jasmine, fig, and a touch of honeysuckle, giving it the sweet earthy smell that isn’t overpowering. Angie is also guilt-free as it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and its bottles are 100% recyclable!

Check it out on Rosie Jane’s website here

2. Nova’s Green Musk

Image credit: Nova Official Website

A refreshing unisex scent, the Nova Green Musk has a floral, woody, and musky fragrance. The natural botanical scent comes from a mixture of fig stem, petitgrain, bamboo, green cognac, clean musks, and ambers. It prides itself on reminding its wearer of three things: freshness, invigoration, and spring. What’s more, it’s paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. So, if you like the smell of a clean meadow after rainfall, this fresh roll-on perfume would be convenient. 

Check it out on Nova’s website here

3. MCMC’s Monoi Perfume Oil

According to MCMC’s website, this is “the perfect scent to wear on vacation, or to feel like you are.” Well, since you’d be working from home — which is like a semi-vacation to some — might as well make yourself productive and spritz this fragrance to set the mood, right? Monoi Perfume Oil was inspired by the traditional monoi oil of Tahiti, a place where gardenias are soaked in coconut oil until they’re fragrant. 

This fresh perfume is filled with essential oils and absolutes that give off a tropical vanilla scent that’s hard to resist. To top it off, Monoi Perfume Oil is cruelty-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Check it out on MCMC’s website here

4. Shower Fresh by Clean Classic

Perhaps this is as fresh as fresh perfumes get. As its name suggests, Shower Fresh captures the feel of being newly-showered and soaped up. It’s a simple scent with faint notes of lemon, lily of the valley, Mandarin orange, musk, and sheer woods. Clean Classic also has other fresh perfumes of note that don’t have overpowering fragrances, like Cool Cotton, and White Amber & White Cotton. 

Check it out on Clean Classic’s website here.

5. Philosophy’s Pure Grace Eau de Toilette

You can keep things pure and simple with this Pure Grace scent from Philosophy. This is one of the fresh perfumes that actually have a “soap and water” scent. Its fragrance comes from the veil of water lilies, and there are also some modern tones of leafy greens, frosted musk, bergamot, lavender, and Muguet. Who knew you had to mix all these scents to come up with a simple fragrance that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower?

Check it out on Philosophy’s website here

6. Fresh Life by Fresh

If you like your fresh scents sprinkled with a bit of sensuality, Fresh Life has just the right amount. According to its website, it has a “sensual citrus fragrance that conjures the freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and velvety water.” I don’t know about you, but that made me picture a mystical fairy emerging from a forest pond. If it’s anything close to how they describe it, this fragrance is definitely worth a try. 

Check it out on Fresh’s website here

7. Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Lavender

Mix green tea with lavender, and you’ll surely get a fragrance that’s calming and almost spa-inspired. This fresh perfume by Elizabeth Arden boasts of putting its wearer in a relaxing and carefree mood. Its best ingredients aside from green tea and lavender include Meyer lemon, Sicilian mandarin, spearmint, and wild chamomile. Basically everything you would look for when it comes to aromatherapy. Plus, the bottle is purple! Hard to say no to the colour of royalty.

Check it out on Elizabeth Arden’s website here

8. Flirt by Zen Zest

I can’t finish this list of fresh perfumes without showing love to local brands in the Philippines. Zen Zest is a PH brand that creates products for body and home fragrances, as well as body care. My personal favourite is the Flirt perfume that has this alluring soft scent made by a mix of sandalwood, tangerine, lemon, and jasmine. 

It may be subtle but it’s notable enough in case you still want to make your presence known. It leaves a lingering scent and reminds you of the comfort of sweet-scented clean linen. “Flirt” might even make you sleepy!

Check it out on Zen Zest’s Facebook page here

9. Baby Cologne Snow by Sparrow

In case you want to embody the smell of innocence without literally smelling like a baby, the Baby Cologne Snow by Sparrow was created just for you. It’s an elevated subtle aroma of baby powder and lavender.

Sparrow has many more fresh perfumes you might be interested in. Lullaby, for instance, is a blend of bergamot and lavender; while Afternoon Tea uses black tea and bergamot with a hint of florals and fruits. Best of all, everything’s very affordable!

Check out Sparrow’s website here

10. Lambing by Simoy ng Haraya

In Filipino, “lambing” means to cuddle. When you combine citrus, red fruits, lily of the valley, bulrush, tea rose, cinnamon, wood, cedar, and musk into one bottle, a sense of cuddle is what you get from the concocted fragrance. What’s even better about Simoy ng Haraya is they encourage buyers to recycle their bottles by providing 100ml to 200ml refills for each scent. 

Try their other fresh perfumes like “Yakap” (to hug), “Tiwala” (to trust), and “Unang Halik” (first kiss). These are just what you need to keep you in a pleasant mood while working from home.

Check out Simoy ng Haraya’s website here

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Well, what do you say to a work-from-home experience that feels and smells fresh as well as encouraging? Let us know which fresh perfumes you’ve picked as your holy grails and send us a message on our Facebook!

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