Saudi Arabia Tourism Boom: A New Must-See Travel Destination

Saudi Arabia Tourism Boom: A New Must-See Travel Destination

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Remember Saudi Arabia? The land of vast deserts and seemingly endless oil reserves? Well, there’s a new story emerging — and it involves millions of tourists! The Saudi Arabia tourism boom is shattering records and exceeding expectations.

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Everything you need to know about the Saudi Arabia tourism boom

Saudi Arabia Tourism Boom

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According to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2024 report, Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector saw a staggering 32% growth in its contribution to the country’s GDP in 2023. This translates to a whopping SAR 444.3 billion (S$159 billion), making tourism a significant player in the Saudi economy, accounting for a remarkable 11.5%!

But the growth isn’t just about money. Tourism is creating jobs at an impressive rate. Over 436,000 new tourism jobs were created in 2023, bringing the total to over 2.5 million — that’s nearly 20% of all jobs in the country!

This boom isn’t just about domestic tourism either. International visitor spending skyrocketed by nearly 57% in 2023, reaching a record-breaking SAR 227.4 billion (S$81 billion). This surge in spending reflects a massive influx of tourists. In fact, Saudi Arabia achieved its ambitious goal of welcoming 100 million tourists in 2023, a whole seven years ahead of schedule!

So, what’s behind this tourism boom?

Saudi Arabia Tourism Boom

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The success has fueled even bigger dreams. Saudi Arabia has set a new target of attracting 150 million tourists by 2030. The World Travel & Tourism Council forecasts continued growth in 2024, with an expected GDP contribution of SAR 498 billion (S$179 billion) and over 158,000 new jobs. International visitor spending is also projected to double!

Saudi Arabia has been investing heavily in its tourism sector, developing new luxury resorts, historical and cultural attractions, and even futuristic megacities. They’re also relaxing visa restrictions and promoting the country’s diverse landscapes, from breathtaking deserts to pristine coastlines.

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So, is Saudi Arabia on your travel bucket list? With its rich history, cultural treasures, and ambitious development plans, the Kingdom is quickly becoming a major tourist destination. Stay tuned, because the Saudi Arabia tourism boom story is just beginning!

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