8 Kelong Stays in Southeast Asia for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

8 Floating Kelong Stays in Southeast Asia For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Jump straight from your balcony into the sea or fish for your dinner at these quaint Southeast Asian kelongs!

Ever felt like disconnecting from the world for a bit? Why not spend your weekend at a kelong? A kelong is an offshore platform primarily made out of wood and can only be found in Southeast Asia. Built for fishing purposes by fishermen or fish farmers, the kelongs are propped up by stilts with fishing nets hanging between them to capture live fish. To earn some extra income, the owners of these kelongs often host homestays for tourists to experience what it’s like living in one.

Forget luxury resorts and modern amenities — these kelongs often have relatively spartan accommodation options and lack the creature comforts that you might be used to on a normal holiday. Nevertheless, they’re a great chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and destress with your friends or family.

Here are eight kelong resorts that you can consider spending your next weekend getaway at!

1. Blue Mountain Kelong, Batam

Image credits: Blue Mountain Kelong

Get in some much-needed rest and relaxation at Blue Mountain Kelong. Walk and chat along the open decks, go fishing, or lie back in a hammock and gaze out over the tranquil waters — the choice is yours! At night, you can watch the beautiful sunset, and lie back on the decks to stargaze.

If you bring your own equipment, you can even jump right off the kelong and go snorkelling or diving. After you’re done, soothe your aching muscles with a traditional Indonesian massage.

Image credits: Blue Mountain Kelong

Each room comes with a sea-view balcony, so you can fall asleep to the gentle breeze of the sea and the lapping of the waves. Catch your own dinner, and enjoy vegetables and fruits grown in the kelong’s own eco-garden. Relax and enjoy this rustic charm of this traditional kelong!

Address: Subang Mas, Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands 29483, Indonesia

How to get there: Take a ferry from Harbourfront Centre Cruise Terminal to Batam Centre. Travel by car or van to Telaga Punggur Domestic Ferry Terminal, and later by speedboat to Blue Mountain Kelong

2. Labun Island Kelong, Batam

Image credit: Labun Island Kelong

Located on an island off the mainland, Labun Island Kelong is a spot of paradise. You simply must go diving in its pristine and crystal clear waters, where you’ll get to see a variety of coral reefs and schools of colourful fishes. You can also fish off the kelong itself, or kayak and explore the nearby islands.

Image credit: Labun Island Kelong

Catch the orange glow of the sun setting around the kelong, and enjoy your little escape from the city!

Address: Galang Baru Road, Bridge 6, Galang, Batam, Riau Kepalauan 29432, Indonesia

How to get there: From Harbourfront Ferry Terminal, take a ferry to Batam Centre. Travel by car or van to Galang Baru jetty and hop onto a 10-minute boat ride to Labun Island.

3. Morelo Kelong Resort, Batam

Image credit: Morelo Kelong

Nestled in a serene cove off Riau Islands, Morelo Kelong Resort is the perfect place for a quick getaway from the vagaries of city life. Combining traditional kelong architecture with modern amenities such as an enclosed seawater pool (the only one in Batam!), rest assured that you’ll enjoy utmost comfort during your stay here.

Image credits: Morelo Kelong

Go snorkelling and see the wide diversity of unique marine life, or rent a banana boat to explore the natural surroundings with friends. You can also rent a fishing rod to fish right off the decks, and have your catch cooked by the staff for dinner. Enjoy your stay and return to civilisation well-rested and recharged!

Address: Sijantung, Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands 29485, Indonesia

How to get there: From Harbourfront Centre Cruise Terminal, take a ferry to Batam Centre. Arrange a private pick-up from Batam Centre with the resort staff (included in the room package)

4. Moonbay Kelong, Batam

Image credits: Moonbay Kelong

Want to venture off-the-beaten-track with a group of friends? If you have at least six people, you can book Moonbay Kelong all for yourself for an exclusive time of bonding. Here, you can fish from the deck or rent a boat to bring you further out to see if you can catch bigger fry.

Image credits: Moonbay Kelong

After catching all sorts of crustaceans, hand them over to the friendly staff, who will whip up a delectable seafood feast for you! Whether it’s steamed crabs, chilli mussels, seafood curries or fried fish, you’ll definitely be well fed on this trip.

The kelong can also hold up to 14 people, so you can have an extended family gathering here as well. Have a great time bonding with your friends at family here in the midst of the peaceful and tranquil sea.

Address: Batam, Indonesia

How to get there: Take a Fast Ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal Batam, and arrange for a land transfer with the kelong staff.

5. Kelong Acheh Resort, Johor

Image credits: Kelong Acheh Resort

By now, you must be wondering if there is anything else you can do at a kelong besides fishing? At the floating resort of Kelong Acheh, you’ll have many other activities to partake in. A games/reading area ensures you can spend the day unwinding on the deck with your friends, while there’s a karaoke room for those wannabe singers. Or, you can take a trip to the nearby Acheh Island and frolic on the beautiful sandy beach.

Image credit: Kelong Acheh Resort

For the avid anglers, don’t worry as there’s more than enough facilities for you. You can fish on the deck or rent a boat to bring you out to sea. A live bait well — where bait is netted up and fishes placed in a ventilated well — is provided for night owls to fish all night. You can also grill your catch at an open deck barbeque as well. Enjoy the best of what nature has to offer at this kelong.

Address: Mersing Kechil, Johor, Malaysia

How to get there: Travel by car to Penyabong Jetty, and look out for the Kelong Acheh boat which runs from 8am to 8pm. The boat ride is free!

6. Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing Resort

This one’s more for the serious fishers! Although the accommodation at Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing Resort is strictly no-frills, you’ll have the company of seasoned and dedicated anglers all wanting to nab the biggest catch.

Cast your rod over the deck and wait for the fishes to start biting, and have a chat with your neighbour in the meantime. The friendly and welcoming community will make you feel like you’re back in an old-fashioned ‘kampung’.

Address: Penyabong Jetty, Mersing 86800, Malaysia

How to get there: Travel by car to Penyabong Jetty and take a ferry directly to Ah Fatt Kelong.

7. Chia Soon Kelong, Johor

Image credits: Chia Soon Kelong

Chia Soon Kelong has been in the fishing business since 1945, but only started to welcome visitors from 1987. It is another no-frills kelong, with curtains being used as doors in common rooms, common toilets that open straight out to the sea, and no reception. This is the place to really get away from it all and travel back in time.

Bring your own fishing equipment and spend a lazy afternoon casting out your rod and chatting with your friends. Alternatively, play mahjong and sing karaoke if you aren’t one for fishing. As usual, scrumptious seafood meals will be served, from steamed fish, barbecued sambal stingray, to seafood porridge cooked with slices of barracudas, squids, prawns and silverfishes yum!

Address: Pasir Gogok, Johor, Malaysia

How to get there: From Changi Point Ferry Terminal, take a ferry to Tanjung Pengelih Jetty. Get on a speedboat to Pasir Gogok Village and you will reach the kelong.

8. Kukup Resort, Johor

Image credit: Kukup Resort

For the ultimate kelong experience, why not visit Kukup, a fishing village built entirely over the sea? Established over a century ago, the local fishermen have started to offer homestays as a way of enticing visitors, and Kukup has become one of the most popular recreational places in Johor.

Spend some time touring the nearby fish farms or Pulau Kukup Johor National Park. There are numerous kelongs nearby that you can stay at, with all offering similar levels of accommodation and experiences. Have a great weekend just roaming around the sleepy village and basking in the relaxed atmosphere.

Address: Kukup Village, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

How to get there: Travel by car or van to Kukup.

Spend a weekend at a kelong to experience the novelty of fishing just outside your bedroom and catching your own dinner. Or, you can laze around on the wooden decks and take in the rustic and charming atmosphere. Disconnect from the Internet world and urban jungle, and catch up on some rest. Plus points: You’ll get to enjoy precious bonding time with your friends and family too!

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