Why Camping Is Good For You and Your Family

Why Camping Is Good For You and Your Family

Camping could be exhausting for you and your family, but it can be totally worth it!

Going on a camping trip can be very intimidating, even for the experienced ones. It requires a lot of planning, organising essentials, packing gears, and in some places, obtaining permits. Multiplying that to the number of people in your family and it could easily drive you crazy. But trust me, it can be totally worth it!

Not quite convinced? Well, here are some reasons why you should still go on that long-awaited camping trip with your family.

The outdoors is beneficial for your health

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Being outdoors sounds like a lot of danger, but if you compare that to staying at home with your gadgets, it is actually more beneficial. It means that you get more Vitamin D for your skin (yes, the sun can still be healthy for you), and you lessen the likelihood of becoming nearsighted when you stretch your vision beyond the horizon (literally and figuratively).

Most camping trips also require a certain amount of hike which means you get yourself and your kids some of those needed physical exercise and burn calories in the process. That’s definitely a much cheaper alternative to going to the gym!

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An inexpensive way to go on a vacation

family camping benefits

And, speaking of expenses, you know what vacations can be for a family. It sometimes means that you blow your budget over. Well, that’s not bound to happen when you take your family to a camping trip.

Camping means sleeping in tents or on sleeping bags under millions of stars — compare that to sleeping in an air-conditioned five-star hotel! There won’t be gourmet food prepared by a chef, but you certainly can make one on your own and level up your cooking skills in the wild.

Learn new outdoor skills

In this world of instant everything, teaching your kids essential outdoor skills can be a tricky task. Reading a map and compass? Pitching a tent? Cooking over fire? Fishing? Tying a knot? Climbing and bouldering, perhaps? Surviving a weekend with only the things in your backpack? Doing away without gadgets even just for a night?

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Refresh your mind and body before the work week starts

What better way to refresh your minds than go on a camping trip with the family? Not only will you all have an adventure of a lifetime, but you also prepare yourself, your spouse and your kids for the busy week ahead.

Meet new people and make new friendships

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Campgrounds are among the best places to meet genuine people who might just encourage you to go camping and explore the world with your family even more. And, wouldn’t it be great to actually meet and talk to people in person instead of doing it through email, social media or chat?

Explore a new environment

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You have probably gotten fed up with constantly bonding with your family inside the house or bringing them to the nearest mall. Why not change things up a bit and bring them to a campsite instead? It’s also your chance to introduce your kids to nature and make them learn to appreciate the beauty of the world instead of letting them stay in the concrete jungle day after day.

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Create new family traditions

Going camping with your family is the best way to create new traditions! Isn’t it nice if your spouse and your kids look forward to the event every week or even every month? Hold a contest in your family to see who gets the biggest catch or who pitches the tent first. If you have not started any tradition that you and your kids will remember as you grow old, this is the best time to start.

Great bonding experience

Away from all the distractions of work, technology and even your neighbours, camping is the best bonding experience that you can ever have with your family. There is no competing over the shows on television or the apps on mobile phones because you only have yourselves and nature to spend time with. There will come a time when your kids will already grow up and have lives of their own so, while you still can, make the most of your time together and create beautiful memories that they will cherish forever.

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