TripZilla Excellence Awards 2018

Winner: HL Assurance

Often neglected by many, getting travel insurance is, in fact, a quintessential part of any trip preparation. Indeed, travel insurance grants any traveller a sense of security, and allows you to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Whether you're heading off for a short getaway in Southeast Asia or a long backpacking trip to Europe, HL Assurance's travel insurance is a must buy!

A member of the Hong Leong Group, HL Assurance's Travel Protect360 offers clients global protection, comprehensive coverage and the best experience. Now you can travel with a peace of mind thanks to the 24-hour worldwide protection that it offers, which even covers unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation in an event of unfortunate incidents.

Buying HL Assurance's travel insurance online is a fast, easy and straightforward process, whereby you'll be given a quote in just a matter of seconds! With a variety of packages catering to your various needs, you simply have to pick one which suits what you're looking for, get a quote and pay! Yes, it's that simple. Besides, with its short online form, you don't have to waste unnecessary time filling in tons of useless questions. Simple and hassle-free, save yourself the headache and gear up for your upcoming trip with HL Assurance here.

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