Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong

Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong

You’ll never look at bus rides the same way again.

Hong Kong’s double-decker buses bring you almost anywhere within the territory, from bustling urban streets to some of the most panoramic coastlines along hilly terrains. If you wish to go on a scenic road trip that’s affordable and convenient, look no further. The city offers some of the most breathtaking bus journeys that are accessible and easily pulled off with minimal planning.

Below are some of the scenic bus journeys that are worth checking out in Hong Kong. All you need is an Octopus card!

From the airport – the first impression

A spectacular view of Stonecutters Bridge and Hong Kong’s skyline. | Image credit: inkelv1122

Forgo the Airport Express as sightseeing is limited by the efficient but short journey. Instead, board the airport buses and you’ll get a pleasant first impression of scenic Hong Kong. The journey will show you that it’s more than just a busy metropolis. Buses A10, A11, A12, and A22 offer the best journeys from the airport, via both the Tsing Ma Bridge and Stonecutters Bridge.

Tip: Sit at the top front deck! Enjoy unparalleled views of Victoria Harbour, container terminals, mountainous terrain, and towering skyscrapers as you cruise along the elevated expressway and those gigantic engineering marvels.

Bustling Kowloon

Street scene of Nathan Road from inside the bus. | Image credit: faungg’s photos

Buzz through the urban thoroughfare of Nathan Road, which runs through the key shopping districts of Kowloon, from Mong Kok down to Tsim Sha Tsui. Be dazzled by the sight of illuminated signboards at nighttime, as you whizz past them while seated on the upper deck. Hop on bus 1, 1A, 2, or 6 at Mong Kok MTR station, which travels all the way to Star Ferry bus terminus. Combine it with a ferry ride across Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island, a must-do for the best sightseeing experience!

Up the peak

Bus 15 brings you right up to The Peak, where you can enjoy this view. | Image credit: Alejandro

Ditch the overrated Peak Tram that suffers from chronic long queues. Instead, hop on bus 15, which begins at Central Ferry Pier. This route is perfect for you if you’ve just gotten off the ferry from Kowloon. If not, Central (Exchange Square) and Admiralty MTR station would be the alternative boarding points. Sit tight for a winding journey up as you pass through the forested mid-levels.

Bus 15 passing through the streets. | Image credit: hans-johnson

The ride itself is quite a sight as you gradually climb higher and away from the urban areas, overlooking the beautiful, hilly landscape you’ll never find back home. At HK$9.80 per trip, it’s definitely a steal compared to the overly priced Peak Tram!

The best city and harbour view

Cruise by the waters and enjoy that great harbour view. | Image credit: johnlsl

The Island Eastern Corridor is an expressway along the northern shore of Hong Kong Island. It connects the eastern residential districts to the commercial area of Causeway Bay and onward to Central. Be mesmerised by that spectacular view of Victoria Harbour from a bus commuter’s perspective and you’ll be left wondering why your everyday bus journey couldn’t be just as spectacular.

Note though, that there are many public vehicles that ply this scenic stretch of road. If you don’t wish to end up somewhere far away, just remember four bus routes: 720, 780, 788, or 789. Their journeys are confined between Central and the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. You could definitely do a round trip in less than half a day.

A day retreat

A scenic coastal journey brings you to the seaside settlement of Stanley. | Image credit: Simon Clancy

A visit to the town of Stanley should be high on your tourist checklist. Who wouldn’t mind a day of peace and quiet? This destination affords you a break from the urban madness and allows you to chill by the seaside and enjoy the calming breeze. Even before you reach the place, you’ll already be amazed by the bus journey!

Stanley in Hong Kong is quite picturesque | Image credit: Thanate Tan

From Central (Exchange Square) or Admiralty MTR station, bus number 6 brings you through a hilly, winding route before running along the shoreline that overlooks some upscale residences set against a breathtaking coastal backdrop. For a quicker option, take bus 6A, 6X, or 260 which run through the Aberdeen Tunnel instead. You’ll save quite a bit of time and still be able to enjoy the most scenic sector along the coast!

A nature getaway

The vast countryside of Sai Kung, reachable by buses 92 and 94. | Image credit: wong_tszto

Escape to the picturesque countryside of Sai Kung, an extensive area of flora and fauna that is a world in itself. Take bus 92 from Diamond Hill MTR station, which sends you to Sai Kung Town Centre, reputed for some of the best seafood fresh from the waters beside it. Set off for some island-hopping from the pier or get on board bus 94. This will take you further into Sai Kung Country Park. There, you can enjoy some of the best scenery untouched by urbanisation.

Sure, there are other ways to get around. But exploring Hong Kong by bus is probably the most affordable way of enjoying a scenic road trip in the country. So we say go for it!

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