TripZilla Excellence Awards 2018

Winner: Gardens by the Bay

Spanning an area of 101 hectares, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park comprising three waterfront gardens – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals maintaining and caring for the Gardens, it is no surprise that Gardens by the Bay has won several awards despite its short existence of merely five years.

Showcasing a diverse range of flora and fauna, Gardens by the Bay is a great destination for the young and old alike. In the day, take a sheltered walk through the Gardens and gawk at the amazing horticulture on display while you learn a thing or two about the plants found in the Gardens. When night falls, watch as the Gardens are illuminated with bright lights – a totally different look from the day, though equally as beautiful! Conclude your day at Gardens by the Bay by catching the OCBC Garden Rhapsody, a dazzling light show complete with music that'll definitely wow you.