Top Cherry Blossom Spots in South Korea to Check Out

Find Your Bloom: Cherry Blossom Itineraries in South Korea for Every Traveller

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There’s no better time to visit South Korea than in spring! Not only is the weather perfect for outdoor exploration, but the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, offering plenty of mesmerising views and unforgettable memories! 

Whether you’re looking for Insta-worthy photo spots in Busan to spice up your social media feed, gallivanting through the romantic island of Jeju, or discovering the history of Jeollanam-do under a canopy of cherry blossoms, we’ve got just the itineraries for you! 

Read on to find out which of these awesome trips are for you!

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For avid photographers and K-Drama fans

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For those who seek out Insta-worthy photo spots and alluring scenery that stimulate the senses, this 8D6N itinerary will alter your brain chemistry – in a good way, of course! This itinerary covers some of the most swoon-worthy cherry blossom spots and picturesque locations in South Korea’s southeastern region. 

One of the best cherry blossom spots in South Korea is the beautiful Jinhae Yeojwacheon Stream in Gyeongsang. Here where the famous Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival takes place, you’ll find a 1.5km stretch of vibrant cherry blossoms on both sides, offering a lovely sight for photos. A short distance away, you’ll find Gyeonghwa Station, a discontinued railway station where visitors can walk along the tracks, surrounded by cherry blossoms. 

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Apart from cherry blossoms, one of the best things to do in Busan is to hop on the Haeundae Beach Train, a scenic train route that offers stunning views of the coastline; and the Busan Air Cruise, a cable car ride offering panoramic views between Songdo Beach and Songdo Sky Walk. 

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Other must-visit locations include the Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory, where you can admire ocean views on a glass-floor panel 20m above the ground, and Gamcheon Cultural Village, an Instagram hotspot known for its colourful murals and buildings. There are also ambient cafes and hanbok rentals here to help you live out your K-Drama dreams! 

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This 8-day tour, which includes stops in Seoul and Daegu, also covers some of the best cultural gems in South Korea, namely Gyeongju, the capital city of the ancient kingdom of Silla. Here, you can uncover many scenic historical sites, including Bulguksa Temple, a UNESCO World Cultural Asset, and Woljeonggyo Bridge, which was featured in the popular K-Drama, The King: Eternal Monarch. You’ll also visit Bomun Lake for more cherry blossom scenery! 


For scenic island getaways

Spring is the ideal time to visit Jeju. Not only is the weather on South Korea’s most romantic island perfect for exploration, but many of Jeju’s flowers are in full bloom, offering an unforgettable island getaway, as this 8D6N Jeju and Busan itinerary will show you. 

It includes some of the must-see sights and attractions in Jeju — such as the ever-popular O’Sulloc Tea Museum (where you can pose for photos in a tea plantation and buy green tea-flavoured snacks), Seongsan Ilchulbong (UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its iconic crater and sunrise views), Camellia Hill, Jeju’s iconic floral garden housing over 500 different species of wildflowers and plants, and Dongmun Market, the island’s oldest traditional market where you can eat and shop to your heart’s content. 

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More importantly, this tour also covers some of Jeju’s newer and more underrated gems. Along with the usual Jeju activities, you’ll also be able to step into a whimsical world of immersive media art at Jeju Arte Museum, interact with alpacas at Saebyeol Heyyo Farm (located near the famous Saebyeol Oreum Volcanic Cone), and Herb Dongsan, known for its lovely floral gardens in spring, and where you can enjoy a therapeutic foot bath! 

After your healing island getaway in Jeju, head to Busan to discover some beautiful cherry blossoms at Daejeo Ecological Park and Dalmaji Hill, before hitting up the vibrant BIFF Square area in Nampodong for delicious street food! While in Busan, don’t miss the chance to visit the lesser-known Ahopsan Forest where you’ll find trails flanked by picturesque bamboo trees. 

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Before heading to Seoul, this tour includes a stop at Daegu City, where you can visit E-World and 83 Tower for more cherry blossoms, and enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area at the glass-bottom Mancheonha Skywalk


For culture vultures and foodies

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For travellers who crave exploring hidden gems in South Korea and immersing themselves in the culture and food, Jeollanam-do is one of the best destinations in South Korea for a rustic holiday.

This Jelloanam-do itinerary starts in the bustling Suncheon City, where you can check out the Naganeupseong Folk Village, known for its thatched-roofed houses and ties to the Joseon Dynasty. Here, culture vultures can immerse themselves in the cultural landscape of South Korea and experience traditional life in the village. 

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For more rustic scenery, visit Suncheon Bay Eco Park for vast coastal wetlands and mudflats, or hop on the Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike in Yeosu City and enjoy stunning coastal views as you pedal along the path. You can even head to Ttangkkeut Village in Haenam, the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula for spectacular views. 

For cherry blossoms, the top spot to visit is Mount Yudalsan Cherry Blossom Road in Mokpo, a beautiful walking path lined with cherry trees.  

Meanwhile, history and art aficionados will like the Angel Mural Village, where one can discover the rich history of Yeosu City through murals and paintings. In addition, don’t miss the underrated Myeongnyang Battle History Museum which celebrates one of South Korea’s greatest maritime generals — General Yi Sun Shin. 

Image credit: Visit Korea

For foodies, Nangman Pocha (a collection of street stalls overlooking the nightscape of Yeosu City) is one of the top places to visit in Jeollanam-do. You can also sample tea at the Gangjin Dawon Tea Plantation and visit the bustling Dongbu Market in Mokpo.  

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This underrated tour also includes visiting South Korea’s famous Purple Island (Banwol Island), known for its vast shade of lilacs; and the historical Jeonju Hanok Village. You’ll also have a chance to check out the mesmerisingly beautiful Metasequoia Road in Damyang. 


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