New Korean Air Meal Service Protocols for Smoother Flights

New Korean Air Meal Service Protocols for Smoother Flights

Buckle up early!

Korean Air has recently announced changes to their in-flight service schedule on medium and long-haul flights. The reason? Safety first! The airline is taking a proactive approach to address the increasing number of turbulence incidents.

You might notice a slight adjustment to your in-flight meals on Korean Air. The airline is now concluding all cabin services, including meal service, 40 minutes before landing. This doubles their previous window of 20 minutes.

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Everything there is to know about the new Korean Air meal service protocols

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Korean Air isn’t messing around with passenger safety. They’ve observed a significant rise in turbulence, especially during the descent phase of flights. The airline reports that turbulence incidents have doubled in the first half of 2024 compared to the same period in 2019. They explain that large temperature differences between altitudes contribute to this increased turbulence during descent.

This extended service-free period allows for a crucial safety buffer. With more time before landing, passengers can be properly seated and cabin crew can secure everything in the cabin before entering turbulence-prone altitudes. This reduces the risk of injuries from unexpected turbulence, especially for those who might be unbuckled or moving around the cabin. Remember, even though airplanes are designed to handle turbulence, it can still be dangerous for those not securely in their seats.

What to expect as a traveller

Korean Air’s decision reflects a broader trend within the aviation industry. Airlines are placing a higher priority on passenger safety as turbulence incidents appear to be on the rise. In fact, a Singapore Airlines flight in May 2024 experienced severe turbulence, tragically resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries.

While buckling up earlier might mean a slightly shorter window to enjoy your in-flight meal, this adjustment prioritises your safety. This move by Korean Air might also be a sign of things to come. As other airlines prioritise safety, you might see similar changes in service schedules on other carriers in the future. Visit their official Facebook page to keep updated.

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The new Korean Air meal service protocol prioritise the safety of passengers and crew. By providing additional time for securing the cabin before descent, they aim to minimise the risk of injuries from unforeseen turbulence. So, the next time you fly Korean Air, buckle up a little earlier and enjoy a smoother journey!

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