Ditch the Guys, Travelling is All About Girls

Ditch the Guys, Travelling is All About Girls

Be it in a relationship or not, men are gradually being kicked out of travel plans made by their female counterparts - and it’s for good reasons. It’s a trend and we kind of think it will continue to grow.

Sorry guys, studies have shown that over the years, more girls are leaving their male counterpart out of their travel plans – and this is for good reasons. From a breakup getaway to guilt-free shopping trips, there are many reasons why women are choosing to go on a testosterone-free travel.

Dealing with relationship break-up or marriage breakdown

Just like habits weren’t formed in a day, going through a relationship breakup, or a marriage breakdown can be a difficult phase to go through. After all, when the comfort of a loving partner is taken away from you, accepting the truth itself is capable of taking up all your energy.

These days, women are using travel as a coping mechanism to get over terrible mishaps that befall upon them. Globetrotting helps the ladies in rediscovering the benefits of single life and for some, new meanings in life.

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Skewing towards a more girly travel

Studies have shown that the growing disparity in men and women’s travel wishes have also fuelled the anti-male-companion travel trend.

However some ladies regard this trend as an amicable arrangement to avoid straining their relationship. Women admitted that their ideal travel itinerary is to have girls’ activities such as shopping and enjoying a good spa.

So, in order to hit the shops unapologetically, they prefer to travel with their girlfriends to their other half.

Pursuing alone time

For other women, the commitment to their family is the reason they’re choosing to travel without their spouses. After the long and tireless effort to keep a family in place, they seek to temporarily leave behind the encumbrances for some fresh air outside the country.

Having some time and space to themselves are beneficial to them, allowing them to recuperate from their fatigue and reconnect with themselves. It is also a good time for some food-for-thought moment for them to realign their goals in life.

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Women like to be the decision maker

Women have come thus far from homebound housewives to independent, strong and capable individuals who take control of their lives. Their quick-wittedness rarely pales alongside the men.

girl travel

These positive qualities see more women calling the shots when they travel with their family and friends. To avoid potentially toiling their relationship over a supposedly happy getaway, women are also starting to support all-women travel.

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