How to Deal with Seasickness? Here Are 9 Tips

How to Deal with Seasickness? Here Are 9 Tips

Tired of ruining cruise after cruise after cruise? It’s time to learn 9 good tips to prevent seasickness! Read this and have a completely new experience on your next cruise!

Don’t you hate it when you’re off on a beautiful cruise and suddenly you get this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, your head becomes dizzy and you suddenly just feel like vomiting? Well, here are 9 very good tips on how you can avoid this from happening!

Firstly, why does sea sickness even happen? Its a torment to the world! There’s actually a very simple answer to this. As your boat rocks on water, your inner ear becomes unbalanced by the motion. This makes your brain very confused because it is suddenly seeing stationary objects move. To avoid this, you should…

Tip 1: Choose a good seat

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Choose a seat that is close to the middle of your boat as the rocking motion is much less at the centre rather than at the bow or stern. Also, do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel. It will only increase the nauseating feeling.

Tip 2: Breathe in fresh air

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If you’re cramped up somewhere inside the boat, it is always good to open a vent or other source of fresh air. It is also advised to stay away from any strong food odours as they will contribute to your nausea.

Tip 3: NO reading

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The number one rule on any vehicle is to not read. This is self-explanatory, just do not read.

Tip 4: Look at the horizon

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When travelling on water, it can help to keep your gaze at a fixed point. The horizon always appears stationary. Your brain will recognize the stillness sending signals to your inner ear. Your ear will then regain its balance and you can say ‘Adios!’ to your seasickness.

Tip 5: Wear motion sickness bands

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Many ships have motion sickness bands that will alleviate your suffering. These bands apply acupressure to the inside of your wrists, the area that controls motion sickness.

Tip 6: Don’t think about it

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Seasickness is also a psychological problem. Often, seasickness is prolonged solely because the individual is continuously thinking about it. Stay active and keep your mind occupied to avoid dwelling on how you feel. It also helps to isolate yourself from others who may be suffering from motion sickness. Hearing or seeing others may bring about your own seasickness.

Tip 7: Eat bland food

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If you’re the sort of person who gets seasick easily, it would be good to stick to a bland diet. Crackers and bread are the way to go! Other foods you can eat include bananas, rice, applesauce and ginger cookies. In fact, anything with ginger is good. Bring ginger ale containing real ginger; frequent sips and smells will help alleviate nausea. Avoid heavy, spicy or fat-rich foods. While this is already obvious, stay away from alcohol.

Tip 8: Use medication

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Your doctor can prescribe you with appropriate medication and sedatives to combat nausea. You can purchase this before your trip or get it from the ship’s doctor. You can also get anti-nausea patches that will alleviate seasickness for 3 days. Place these patches behind your ears and keep changing them every 3 days. Remember to check the side-effects for your medication. You don’t want to be sleeping throughout your trip.

Tip 9: Steer the boat

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Exactly as the title says, steer the boat! This will force you to look at the horizon and focuses your concentration on something.

Now that you’ve got the remedy for seasickness, why not check out some great cruise packages and deals for your next vacation!

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