A Guide to Tamsui District: Laidback and Artistic Spots You Can’t Miss

How to Spend a Day Wandering Around Taiwan’s Tamsui District

Tamsui Old Street and Fisherman’s Wharf are perfect spots to get away from the city!

While Tamsui District may be known for its beautiful fisherman’s wharf, there is more to explore in the district than just taking a walk across the Lover’s Bridge with your significant other. 

A popular day trip destination from Taipei due its promixity to the city (you can easily get there on the MRT!), this seaside district is famous for its street food, architectural landmarks and of course, incredible sunset. Here, you’ll find hawker stalls, cafes and buildings bearing a variety of designs from western colonial to native Taiwanese.

Where to go in Tamsui District

Fort San Domingo

On this trip, we spent a lazy afternoon taking an easy walk across the bridge and on impulse, decided to head to the Fort San Domingo after.  

Image Credits: RoundTaiwanRound – Fort San Domingo

Unfortunately, we were late to this attraction and it was closing for the day at 5 pm. But this is also where our adventure really starts. As the bus was very packed to get back to the train station, we decided to walk and took a scenic walk through Tamsui’s boardwalk and Old City. Unlike the city, buildings are on a human scale of three floors, with many designed in Japanese architecture style. 

Tamsui’s Old City

Image Credits: Alicia Chong

We walked past an Art Gallery which looked quite interesting on the outside although it was already closed. 

Image Credits: Alicia Chong

Do you see the red lines along the sidewalk? I was told that it is painted in areas to guide tourists to attractions, so if you are in Taipei and am at a district, trying to find an attraction, just follow the red lines! While we were roaming around without a direction in mind, we followed the lines and it led us to Tamsui Church. 

Image Credits: Round Taiwan Round

A Prebysterian Church built in 1933 by Canadian George Leslie Mackay , it has a gothic feel with its pointed arches. It’s gorgeous stained glass windows are worth taking a look at. Following this little lane (in the picture below) around the church, we admired the little art and craft shops which sold miniature clay and house sculptures. 

Image Credits: Alicia Chong

If you are into art sculptures and pictures, do walk around this Old City to admire the unique buildings and statues!

Image Credits: Alicia Chong

Image Credits: Alicia and Nicole Chong

The Old City of Tamsui has a refreshingly laidback vibe, with many stalls set up offering old school games from the 90’s so you can relive old nostalgic memories. 

Tamsui’s Boardwalk

Image Credits: New Taipei City Travel

You can also take a ferry from here to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf and to Taipei Main City. Musicians were playing musical instruments and singing to add to the chill atmosphere. We enjoyed watching the sky transform into pink, purple and orange hues as the sun sets from the boardwalk.

Image Credits: Nicole Chong

Image Credits: Alicia Chong

After we were done with Tamsui, we headed to Shilin Night Market which is on the way back to Taipei. Needless to say, if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Taipei, Tamsui definitely does hit all the right spots with its laidback and artsy culture. 


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