Isumi Railway: Marvel at Chiba Prefecture’s Canola Fields!

Isumi Railway: Marvel at Chiba Prefecture’s Canola Fields!

Guess which beloved Finnish characters adorn this railway’s train cars!

Did you know that flora in full bloom and train rides make for an unforgettable day trip through Chiba Prefecture in Japan? Aboard the Isumi Railway in Chiba’s Bōsō Peninsula, you get to experience riding cute, cartoon-themed train cars; plus, the route is ideal for witnessing cherry blossoms and canola flowers when they’re in season!

isumi railway

The train’s theme features the beloved Finnish cartoon characters, the Moomins. | Image credit: : : Ys [waiz] : :

The breathtaking scenes that await aboard the Isumi Railway bring to mind a Japanese folk song titled Oborozukiyo, which translates to “Hazy Moonlit Spring Night”. This lullaby poetically paints the picture of a canola field in the early evening, caressed by a gentle breeze. 

Avid wanderers often flock to the Land of the Rising Sun to witness the beauty of Japan’s delicate cherry blossoms, but its canola flowers are underrated beauts indeed! If you’re a fan of road travel and greenery that bursts into colour, then the Isumi Railway must be on top of your to-dos in Chiba! 

Isumi Railway: Must-knows & fun facts

isumi railway

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How to get there

The Isumi Railway runs from Ōhara Station to Kazusa-Nakano Station. Feel free to disembark at any point to explore the various attractions along the way. We recommend making a pit-stop at Kuniyoshi Station, only four stops away from Ōhara Station!

Fun fact: Kuniyoshi Station is home to Valley Winds, a collectible store where you can purchase Moomin keepsakes to commemorate your trip. After spending a laid-back afternoon browsing through unique souvenirs, while your time away at its nearby field peppered with Moomin characters. This is a picture-perfect spot that belongs on your Instagram feed!

Scenes to watch out for

isumi railway

The eye-catching yellow train looks as if it’s straight out of a postcard!

In idyllic Chiba, glimpsing Isumi Railway’s iconic yellow train winding its way through the countryside is an absolute treat. Early in the summer period, canola fields are an extensive 15km, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Fun fact: The canola season is typically between mid-March to early April! You’ll see these striking yellow buds in full bloom during this time.

Needless to say, the best time to board the Isumi Railway line is between late March and early April, when you can also witness cherry blossoms in the pink of health, so to speak, alongside the canola blooms. The delicate pink cherry blossoms offer a stark contrast to the bright yellow flowers; imagine that as your photo background! 

isumi railway

Image credit: : : Ys [waiz] : :

Moomins everywhere!

Upon boarding the train, you’ll be greeted by the same lovable cartoon characters, the Moomins character. Now, we’ve been mentioning them a lot, but in case you didn’t know, the Moomins aren’t a Japanese creation at all! The Moomins actually began as book and comics characters by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson. But the Moomins gained popularity in Asia when Jansson’s characters were adapted into an animated television series in Japan in the year 1990. 

And in case you weren’t aware, there is a HUGE Moomin fanbase in Japan. A basket of stuffed Moomin toys resting atop the counter adds a whimsical touch to the ride; don’t miss it. We certainly don’t mind hanging out with them on board. These Hippopotamus-like creatures are simply adorable! 

The surrounding ethereal landscape bears a striking resemblance to the idyllic Moomin valley in the Finnish cartoon. This speaks volumes about the train’s Moomin-inspired design. Aboard the train, it’s as if the world of the Finnish cartoon has come to life!

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Consider boarding the Isumi Railway next time you’re in Chiba

Imagine this — frolicking in a glorious sea of golden yellow, the aromatic fragrance of a sea of canola in full bloom, and the cooling breeze swirling around cherry blossom trees. This is the very picture of serenity. Even though we may be homebound for now, it doesn’t hurt to look forward to the day when we can experience this picturesque train ride for ourselves. We can’t wait to go sightseeing again!

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