Here's Why Davao Should Be Your Next Destination in the Philippines

Here’s Why Davao Should Be Your Next Destination in the Philippines

Palm-fringed beaches, cheap street eats, and some of the most beautiful sunsets.

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With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is no stranger to playing the perfect host to beach vacationers. As well as giving you the best mix of local delicacies and beautiful sunsets to fill your Instagram galleries.

While throngs of tourists flock to islands such Boracay and Cebu to get their share of palm trees, white sandy beaches and island vibes, we ventured slightly off the beaten path this time to discover Davao, a gem of a city located in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Keep reading to find out why this unexplored jewel makes the perfectly refreshing getaway destination for just about anyone.

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Where to stay in Davao City

Whether you’re in the King City of the South for work, play, or both, you won’t regret staying at Seda Abreeza, a winner of the 2023 Travel Excellence Awards by TripZilla — Business Star. The 186-room hotel is tailored for global travellers, with modern amenities, elegant accommodations, exceptional service, and work-friendly facilities geared towards busy bees in the city for business. 

Chic contemporary interiors meet warm, professional service at Seda Abreeza, from the gracefully designed guestrooms to the plunge pool and in-house gym. Travellers staying in Club Rooms and Suites even enjoy access to the exclusive Club Lounge, which serves complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, and cocktails. What’s more, excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities lie just a few steps away next door at Ayala Malls Abreeza

Truly, this four-star hotel definitely captures the unique allure of the Durian Capital of the Philippines! And if you need even more reasons to visit Davao, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our favourite things about the city — and why you’re bound to fall in love, too.

Discover why Davao City is your dream destination in the Philippines

For the adventure junkies

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Samal Island is a playground for snorkelers and divers alike. With countless snorkeling spots, hopping on a day trip to check some of them out could not get any easier. I definitely could not get enough of the clear blue waters and colorful marine life of the islands.

For the animal lovers

philippine eagle in davao

Davao is home to the Philippine Eagle which is unfortunately highly endangered at present. But you can still see these majestic birds in the conservation centre in Davao, which has dedicated the last 30 years to rehabilitating and protecting the country’s national bird.

For the island hoppers and water babies, there is the Taklobo Giant Clam Sanctuary where you can snorkel up close to these giants. These clams can grow up to one metre in diameter! Diving and snorkeling activities are aplenty around Samal, with tropical fishes and clear blue waters for days.

Davao is also home to the biggest bat cave in the Philippines, where you can get up close to approximately 2.5 million bats. It is quite the sight to behold, especially at dusk when they head out in search of food.

For the forever foodies

davao philippines

Sample everything from local Philippine favourites such as adobo, sisig, and lechon, to the abundance of fruits that can be found in Davao. Durian, mangosteen, pomelo; you name it, Davao has it. They’re also significantly cheaper than those in Malaysia and Singapore.  

There is also the Roxas Street night market located nightly in front of the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao where you can get street eats, instant barbeques, and drinks on the cheap.

For the coffee lovers

Tepik coffee is unique to the Mindanao region in the Philippines, and a particularly great cuppa can be found at Hijo Resorts Restaurant in Davao. I’m usually a coffee with milk person, but this was definitely unique and tasty enough enjoy black. It is definitely unlike any other coffee you can get in the Southeast Asian region.

For the sunset chasers

The sun sets differently everywhere in the world. And if you are like me, a chronic sunset chaser, Davao will have you captive at sunset hour. From fiery reds to gentle pink and purple hues, the sun puts on a show every evening which you will not want to miss. Do note though that the sun does set as early at 5.15pm in the afternoon certain times of the year.

For the chill-seekers

Aside from indulging in the extensive array of street food that Davao offers, there are also cool hideout spots. What once used to be old colonial houses have now been converted to social hangouts and chill bars like Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar with outdoor seating. 

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Getting to Davao

Lucky for travellers around the world, it’s easy to get to this charming destination: There are direct flights available from many countries going to the Davao International Airport in the Philippines. Thus, there’s no need to delay your trip any longer — book a ticket now and you can be snacking in durian ASAP!

Many thanks to AirAsia for their hospitality and for making this memorable trip to Davao, Philippines happen.

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