China Gears Up For A Life-Sized Freedom Gundam Statue

China Gears Up For A Life-Sized Freedom Gundam Statue

You can finally catch sight of the massive figure somewhere other than in Japan!

Calling all fans of Gundam – the giant robot anime franchise that has taken the world by storm. There’s a chance for you to catch sight of a gargantuan figure of the mecha we all love – somewhere other than in Japan. Yes, you read it right! A life-sized Freedom Gundam will be making its way to China sometime in 2021. 

Dubbed the Gundam China project, it’ll be the first official statue to take up residence outside the land of the rising sun. The rendition of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam mobile suit towers at 18 metres and will grace the precinct of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport in Shanghai.

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Image credit: Bruce Tang

While it stands as tall as its Japanese equivalent, there is a special feature that sets it apart – a prodigious pair of wings to boot. However, we remain uncertain if the colossal action figure has the ability to move like the RX-78-2 Gundam in the making in Yokohama. 

Notice we mentioned the first official statue earlier, this is because it isn’t actually the first life-sized Gundam statue to go up in China. Back in 2009, a knock-off Gundam appeared in Schezwan. Much to the dismay of enthusiasts, it was knocked down due to copyright issues. 

We can only hope that the construction for the Gundam sculpture will go as planned given the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted economic activities. Nonetheless, when it is ready and shining in all its glory, it deserves a spot on the bucket lists of keen followers of Mobile Suit. Who’s excited?

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