KFC Autonomous 5G Vehicles Are Spotted in China

KFC Autonomous 5G Vehicles Make Driver-less Food Trucks a Reality in China

They also allow people to order their finger-lickin’ good food items without any interaction with actual KFC staff.

Behold, KFC in China has just taken COVID-19 physical distancing to a whole new level with self-driving food trucks! The fast-food chain deployed autonomous 5G vehicles in several areas of China with one spotted just outside Shanghai, according to a report by digital news website soyacincau.

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To order from KFC’s autonomous 5G vehicles, customers had to pick their meals off a touchscreen tablet. Payment options were cashless, of course, thanks to QR codes. How’s that for COVID-19 safety?

The soyacincau report adds that the trucks are similar “to the 5G-connected vehicles that are used in hospitals in Thailand for contactless delivery of medical supplies”. They are manufactured and designed by tech startup Neolix Technologies.

The startup that introduced autonomous 5G vehicles

Neolix recently made waves online after announcing that they’ve raised $29 million in their bid to bring autonomous 5G vehicles to different parts of the globe. The self-driving logistics company is said to be working with other well-known brands and food chains after their initial fleet received positive feedback from businesses and customers alike. Rumour has it that we’ll be witnessing a Pizza Hut on wheels in a few months!

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One thing’s for sure; technology like this will help us move forward amid a pandemic while the mass production of vaccines is still in the works. Who knows, you might start seeing these autonomous 5G vehicles whiz past your neighbourhood soon! Would you try it?

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