Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Busan This Summer

Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Busan This Summer

Sink your feet into the soft sandy beaches of Busan, from the ever-popular Haeundae to the lesser-known Dadaepo.

Seoul might be the go-to place for the first-time visitors to Korea, but let’s be real – once the scorching summer months hit, the appeal of rushing around in the sizzling streets of Hongdae or Myeongdong might begin to wane. This is why many Seoulites and people from other towns in Korea flock to Busan, where they are greeted with laid-back pace and miles of breathtaking coastline. If you are planning to bask in the sun in Korea’s second largest city this summer, take a look at this list of the hottest beaches in town that will please all types of tourists.

1. Haeundae

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As the most iconic beach in Korea, bustling Haeundae is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists each year. Haeundae district that surrounds the beach was historically known for fishing and hot springs; today, the beachfront is lined with tall glassy hotels, upscale restaurants and high-end shopping centres, making this area attractive to visitors who enjoy the finer things in life. However, if you wander deep enough into the winding alleyways of old Haeundae, you will stumble upon quaint family-owned restaurants, street stands selling Busan’s famous fish cakes and lively bars where the fun goes on until the morning hours.

2. Gwangalli

Set against the stunning backdrop of the monumental Gwangan Bridge, the vibrant Gwangalli beach attracts the young, cool crowds from all over the city. Surrounding this centrally located beach are numerous independent restaurants, coffee shops and craft breweries. However, if you would like to spend your day at the beach in true Busan style, head over to the Millak side of the bay and look for a building dedicated entirely to raw fish restaurants. This is where you can feast on delicious hweh (Korea’s take on sashimi), a well-known favourite among locals.

3. Songjeong

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Located in the eastern part of the city, where waves are tall and sand is pristine-white, Songjeong is a true surfer’s paradise. This relatively secluded spot stands out among Busan beaches for its notably chill atmosphere and lack of crowds. In keeping with the theme, at Songjeong you will find many surf schools, shops and Hawaiian-style restaurants. If you are feeling particularly active during your visit to Songjeong, take a hike down Galmegi road that will take you to stunning Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, a beautiful Buddhist construction perched on the rugged cliffs of Korea’s east coast.

4. Songdo

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If you find yourself in the southern part of the town, setting aside an afternoon to visit Songdo should be a no-brainer, since it’s conveniently located in the vicinity of the busy shopping areas of Nampo and Jagalchi, as well as Busan’s number one tourist attraction, Gamcheon Culture Village. Known for its impressive skywalk, statues emerging from shallow waters and a newly opened maritime cable car, Songdo can be a great spot to unwind if you feel like you need a break from all the sightseeing.

5. Dadaepo

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Dadaepo beach is a treasure find for anyone who prefers off-the-beaten-path seaside getaways. Since it’s located on the very edge of the town and has only received subway access this year, Dadaepo mostly tends to be frequented by people living in the area. However, this does not mean that this beach is not a breathtaking sight in its own right. Since Dadaepo is nestled at the estuary of the Nakdonggang River, it boasts unique landscapes and spectacular views. Dadaepo is also popular spot to visit on New Year’s Eve when many Busanites gather on the beach to watch the sunrise.

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