Bulgaria Sends 400,000 Thank You Cards to its Tourists

Bulgaria Sends 400,000 Thank You Cards to its Tourists

Yes, Bulgaria loves tourists that much!

Want to travel where you’re wanted?

Then head to Bulgaria! Located in Eastern Europe and bordering five countries – Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Serbia – Bulgaria is one of the lesser-visited holiday spots within the region.

While some European destinations such as Barcelona and Dubrovnik are seeing the rise of anti-tourism sentiments, it is quite the opposite in Bulgaria.

Rila Monastery | Image credit: Dennis Jarvis

In fact, the government of Bulgaria will be sending thank-you postcards to some 400,000 tourists who visited as of 31 July this year. These “thank you for choosing Bulgaria” cards depict either the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak or the Rila Monastery, both tourist attractions in the country.

Nikolina Angelkova, the Tourism Minister, will even be signing the cards personally to express her gratitude.

In Rila, a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria

If you’re thinking of heading to Europe for your next vacation, perhaps you should consider Bulgaria.

Take your pick: Discover Sofia, Europe’s second-oldest city that was founded 7,000 years ago, laze on the sandy beaches lining the Black Sea or foray into the stunning mountains. Of course, don’t forget to feast on the classic moussaka and creamy yoghurt!

Best of all, Bulgaria is affordable!

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