Future of Travel Study Reveals Insightful Findings’s Future of Travel Study Points To Greener Tourism

Singaporean travellers look forward to greener initiatives from the destination countries! Future of Travel Study 2021 reveals several telling insights about travellers in the COVID-19 season. The most prominent insight? A heightened sense of responsible travelling dubbed “impact awakening”.

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Thanks to international travel taking a backseat, travellers have become increasingly aware of the consequences of their globetrotting habits on the environment and local communities. In Singapore alone, travellers anticipate even more eco-friendly and sustainable travel options when they finally get to venture the world again. 

Findings from Future of Travel study

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This increased eco-awareness is in line with Singapore’s sustainable aspirations and the new Singapore Green Plan 2030. In it, the country maps out sustainability efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

In addition, the study found the following: 

Travellers are more mindful than before COVID-19 of their impact – on the environment, local communities and the tourism economy

Singaporean travellers are willing to contribute to their destination country’s economic recovery efforts. Also, they are willing to travel during non-peak periods and away from densely-populated tourist attractions. 

Travellers are taking small but important steps towards being responsible travellers

These include reducing their waste and recycling their plastics during travel and are looking forward to more sustainable travel options in the future. 

Singapore’s green hospitality space future of travel

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Wondering which local hospitality spaces have aligned their efforts to match this eco-awareness? The award-winning PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering commits to green initiatives, energy conservation and tropical architecture, alongside other sustainability-minded properties such as Oasia Hotel, Grand Hyatt Singapore and Marina Bay Sands.

Here’s how you can get involved in greener tourism: 

  • Choose greener modes of transport
  • Think and consume local 
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Bring Your Own (BYO)

With all these tips on how to go green, everyone can play their part in ensuring the beauty of our world in the years to come. Here’s to anticipating our next adventures the greener way! 

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