The Best Seafood Spots in Port Dickson

The Best Seafood Spots in Port Dickson

Hang tight, your seafood fix is coming right up in Port Dickson! Here are the best restaurants to hit up for fish, crab, clams, mussels, prawns, squids… and the list goes on.

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Malaysia’s Port Dickson is a familiar name to many locals. It’s one of the country’s most accessible beach spots and it has garnered a reputation for its bustling shores and exciting activities. During peak seasons, families and groups of friends flock here for holidays or short weekend getaways, enjoying some time in the sun and going for dips in the sea.

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However, there’s another reason why Port Dickson has gained popularity over the years. One word: seafood.

Avid seafood aficionados will be pleased to learn that this coastal district offers plenty of choices, from air-conditioned dining restaurants and scrappy eateries yielding scrumptious delights to secluded rural areas with hidden specialties just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s where you’ll be able to find the best spots in Port Dickson for when those cravings for fresh seafood come around.

1. Kim’s Seafood Palace (Halal)

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best seafood port dickson

Image credit: SzeSze C C Lee

Nestled in the heart of Port Dickson near PD Waterfront, Kim’s Seafood Palace is considered by many to be the king of seafood in the area. Menu selections range from an extensive list of fish to prawns and crabs cooked in numerous styles. This palace lives up to its name. Large families and groups of hungry guests show up due to the restaurant’s enormous seating capacity, complete with air-conditioned indoor premises and an outdoor area that overlooks the breezy sea view of PD Waterfront. Have a go at some of the signature dishes like the tilapia and the salted egg yolk prawns.

Address: Persiaran Waterfront, Kampung Bahasa Kapor, 71000 Port Dickson

2. Restoran Soon Huat (Non-Halal)

Image credit: Soo Eng Lee

Image credit: Soo Eng Lee

On the lookout for fantastic seafood dishes in a rustic environment surrounded by water and fishing boats? Restoran Soon Huat lets you get intimate with the fishing life. If you’re expecting comfortable satin seats and blaring air-conditioners, you’d better think again. What many visitors come here for are the reasonable prices and super fresh seafood. Apart from fish and crustaceans, the menu here also features other dishes including fried chicken and stir-fry vegetables.

Address: Kuala Lukut Fish Village, Lukut, 71010 Port Dickson

3. Mimi Seafood Village Port Dickson (Halal)

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Located within Kampung Baharu, Mimi Seafood Village Port Dickson is just a stone’s throw away from Pantai Teluk Kemang (one of the more popular beaches in the vicinity among tourists) and accommodates large groups of famished swimmers in search of some grub after a fun-filled day of activities. Additionally, this eatery is a favourite among Malay and Muslim travellers who look for halal food. The service is commendable and selections here come in a wide variety of options. If you decide on this hotspot, the ikan bakar is a must-try, along with the grilled barramundi (ikan pari) and breadcrumb-fried squid.

Address: Kampung Baharu, 71050 Port Dickson

4. Restoran Seri Mesra Ikan Bakar & Seafood (Pork-free/Alcohol-free)

Quite possibly one of the most popular seafood eateries in not just Port Dickson but the whole of Negeri Sembilan, Restoran Seri Mesra Ikan Bakar & Seafood is a huge and lively place for locals and tourists alike. You can tell from the name that the ikan bakar is what this place is all about (although that’s not all they have). There’s a system to how orders are placed here, which includes you choosing from the wide array of fish available on the counter and waiting for the cooks to grill your selection up for you. The non-fish seafood options are also noteworthy; the sheer amount of clams, squid, prawns and side dishes to choose from may even overwhelm you. You have the freedom to request how you want your food prepared, from steamed to stir-fried or deep fried.

Address: Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kemang Square, 71050 Port Dickson

5. Restoran Pantai Ria (Pork-free)

best seafood port dickson

Image credit: Azean Azalina

Image credit: Azean Azalina

This eatery is the one you’ll be going to if you and your Muslim friends are in the mood for some Chinese-style seafood. This popular Chinese-Muslim restaurant in Port Dickson, which goes by the name Restoran Pantai Ria, has some of the juiciest seafood dishes in town with a colossal list of mouth-watering choices including salted egg crabs, Nyonya-style siakap (barramundi) and butter prawns.

Address: Jalan Pantai, Taman Bayu, 71050 Port Dickson

6. Samudra Ikan Bakar (Halal)

Image credit: Samudra Ikan Bakar

Gather around late-night dwellers, this eatery caters to the nocturnal creatures that lurk in the darkness looking for the freshest seafood around. Samudra Ikan Bakar is located close to the beach. Cooked or grilled to perfection, ikan bakar is a favourite signature dish and (depending on the fish of choice) the dish is nicely charred on the outside but moist and tender on the inside. You can also opt for bamboo clams cooked in sambal or crispy fried squid.

Address: Jalan Seremban, Port Dickson 71000, Malaysia

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