Top 7 Attractions to Explore in Bukit Tinggi

Top 7 Attractions to Explore in Bukit Tinggi

Home to a village modelled after Alsace in France, Bukit Tinggi offers a respite from the heat and the chance to immerse in nature.

If it’s the highlands you’re after, you’ll want to look into this gem tucked away in the Bentong district of Pahang, Malaysia. This small yet charming (even awe-inspiring) town located along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway is a spot that can capture the hearts of those who discover it.

Offering iconic restaurants, landmarks, opportunities for exploration and delightful activities, Bukit Tinggi’s sense of community and wonderful atmosphere just beckon you to experience them first-hand.

Visitors to Bukit Tinggi can frolic amidst grand, European-style architecture, lush tropical forests and majestic wildlife. Whether you’re looking to escape from the monotony of your weekly routine at the office with a short trip to the hills, or whether you’re longing to flee from the stuffy heat down below, Bukit Tinggi can be just the thing for a boost of relaxation.

Here’s a short list of some of the hotspots popular among travellers to Bukit Tinggi.

1. Colmar Tropicale French Village

Image credit: stratman²

Image credit: stratman²

Have you ever fancied being in one of those quaint little French towns from those romantic foreign films that you secretly watch when no one’s around? Indulge your fantasy at the Colmar Tropicale French Village without having to go beyond Malaysia.

Inspired by a town of the same name in Alsace, France, this attraction hosts a variety of colourful shophouses and brick towers with architecture echoing lovely European eras of yesteryear. Almost every corner you turn is an Insta-worthy work of art.

With serene landscapes and rolling hills located approximately 2,700 feet above the sea level, you can breathe in the fresh, cold mountain air or go for a walk along the scenic rainforest. The weather is generally pleasant and quite windy, especially at night.

2. La Cigogne Restaurant

Image credit: Colmar Tropicale

It’s pretty apparent by now that Bukit Tinggi’s consistent theme is French inspired and with that being said, be sure to check out La Cigogne, which embraces French culinary delights to the fullest extent. Authentic cuisine that can be hard to find anywhere else in Malaysia is right here on the menu of this eatery. Try the chicken breast which is served with peppers, onions and a light coat of gravy or choose from numerous other available specialities. La Cigogne is suitable for couples looking for a French dinner to celebrate an anniversary as well as for Muslim guests since the restaurant is Halal certified.

3. Japanese Village

Image credit: chee.hong

If ever there was an award for cultural diversity in a single attraction, Bukit Tinggi would at least be a nominee. About five minutes away from the aforementioned Colmar Tropicale is its direct counterpart – the Japanese village (yes, the name says it all). Travellers are greeted upon arrival by a majestic view of lush, green mountains and mist-covered landscapes that seem to have come straight out of an oriental art piece.

The Japanese village offers its visitors the option to rent a kimono as they explore the gorgeous traditional homes and elegant pathways. Head over to the Japanese Tea House and undergo a short course on ancient tea preparation techniques or just wander through the different parts of the area and admire the village’s aesthetics. A free shuttle bus from Colmar Tropicale can get you here in a jiffy, although driving up in your own car is also a possibility.

4. Horse Trail Rides

Image credit: Sunpang Phithaksakorn

If you’re in the mood for some horsing around, Bukit Tinggi features an extensive set of trail rides for you to giddy up like a cowboy/cowgirl through a picturesque rainforest setting. The horses available for riding are well-trained and friendly so there’s no need to be gearing up for a rodeo scenario. A wide range of breeds can be found, from the beautiful Palomino to more well-renowned breeds such as the Quarter Horse. Experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way, helping you choose a suitable stallion and taking you through the routes, including to vantage points with fantastic views of the countryside.

5. Colmar Adventure Park

Adrenaline junkies, lo and behold! Bukit Tinggi presents a series of challenging activities. If you’re looking to break a sweat and get physical, the Colmar Adventure Park offers outdoor thrills, including the flying fox which just so happens to be the longest one in Southeast Asia with a distance of 500 metres. This course isn’t for the squeamish so don’t opt for it unless you’re comfortable with high platforms. You have been warned.

6. Botanical Garden

Image credit: Leslie Loh

A great change from the concrete jungles of Malaysia’s bustling cities, the Botanical Garden in Bukit Tinggi delivers that soothing switch of pace and offers some peace and quiet for you to relax and take in the many wonders of nature. Take a slow walk along the pathways here and discover the many ponds in the garden as well as small streams filled with Koi. In addition, different areas of the garden can be explored depending on which direction you take. One direction will lead to the Tatami Spa which offers a wide array of treatments ranging from aromatherapy and body scrubs to reflexology sessions and outdoor hot spring baths.

7. Rabbit Farm

Image credit: Juey Lim

You just can’t go wrong with rabbits. Right? Bukit Tinggi’s Rabbit Farm is home to more than 200 bundles of hopping joy, all of which you’ll be able to feed, touch, take photos of and play with. Rabbits aren’t the only tenants of this farm, however; guinea pigs, peacocks, and donkeys are among the many other animals that can be found. Here’s another warning: If you bring your kids to this spot, you may have to pry them away from all the furry little fluff-balls once it’s time to go home. And if your kids are the kind that get a little intimidated by animals, drawing and painting classes are also available.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a fan of wildlife, or just love the idea of having a “European holiday” without paying exorbitant prices for a plane ticket, Bukit Tinggi surely has something for you!

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