There's a Solo Banksy Exhibition Coming to Asia this December!

There’s a Solo Banksy Exhibition Coming to Asia this December!

World renowned artist Banksy is making his way out into Asia with a solo exhibition. Ready to blow your mind with his original and ingenious works?

Calling all art-lovers: Premiering in Asia for the first time, an exhibition showcasing over 70 pieces of Banksy’s original pieces is coming to Hong Kong this December! 

Aptly titled, “Banksy: Genius or Vandal?”, this exhibition will be held from December 20, 2019 to March 1, 2020 at Portal 6311 in Kowloon Bay. So far, the exhibition has already toured Moscow, St. Petersburg, Madrid and Lisbon, garnering over 700,000 visitors.

Not only will attendees get to see Banksy’s world-famous artwork up close, the exhibition will also feature a specially created audiovisual installation which captured Banksy’s impressive rise. It will depict the many turning points in his career, without revealing much about this artist whose identity remains unknown. 

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Most recently, Banksy infamously made headlines for his artwork which, upon being sold, self-destructed through a shredder that had been incorporated into the frame. 

Considered one of the leading representatives of contemporary Street Art, Banksy’s art is often satirical and thought-provoking as it takes on universal subjects such as politics, culture or ethics. 

Like most of his previous shows, this exhibition is not authorised by the artist as he seeks to protect his anonymity and independence from the system. The show is organised by Art Projectors Hong Kong in partnership with Last Bullet Production and HKPI.

The “Banksy: Genius or Vandal?” exhibition will run from December 20, 2019 to March 1, 2020. Admission is from Monday to Friday (S$31.28) and Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (S$36.49). 

Tickets can be purchased online at

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