Australia Itinerary: A Simple Guide for a 7-Day Stay in Australia

Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your 7 Days in Australia!

You can still discover Australia's best attractions in seven days.

If you know just how big and rich in points of interest Australia is, you might be wondering whether or not it’s possible to see everything in a week. But, if you plan well and stick to your schedule, you can have a pretty thorough visit to the Land Down Under in only seven days. Of course, you’ll be limited to the East Coast, but that’s enough to get a good idea of the country, its people, and its natural and manmade beauties. Need some help creating your seven-day Australia itinerary? This little guide might come in handy, so take a look. 

Start with iconic Sydney

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In order to make the most of your seven-day Australia itinerary, start your adventure in Sydney. Once you land and find your accommodation, go explore the Sydney Harbour. Right when you get there, you can check the big attractions off your list such as Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney and Sydney Harbour Bridge they are all right next to each other along the shore. For a 360-degree view of the city, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge just like three million other tourists do every year. It’s a great experience that doubles as a guided tour of the city from up above.

The next day, you can explore Sydney from the water. Since Sydney wraps around a harbour, you have a lot of boating choices no matter if it’s a luxury dinner cruise, a sightseeing evening tour, or the public transportation ferries — they can all be found at the Circular Quay. Finish your evening with some light souvenir shopping to surprise your friends and family back home.  

Have fun at the famous Bondi

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Bondi Beach is definitely the most well-known beach in Australia and worldwide. As soon as you step foot at Bondi, you will feel completely transported to another world even though you’ll be located just six kilometres from the city centre. 

Spend your day relaxing and checking out can’t-miss attractions like the Bondi Coastal Walk. In order to have plenty of time to complete this walk to the top of the cliff, take a taxi to the neighbouring Bronte Beach in the morning and start your walk from there. You will need around 45-60 minutes to reach Bondi from Bronte, and if you start your journey early enough, you’ll get there before the morning rush and be able to experience a stunning ocean sunrise. 

Go wine tasting in Hunter Valley

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On the third day of your Australia itinerary, spend your time in Hunter Valley just two hours away from the city. This is the oldest wine region in the country, and it’s home to over 150 wineries peacefully nestled amidst rolling hills. The entire view is framed by the Pacific Ocean and the Great Dividing Range. The vineyards of the Hunter Valley produce chardonnay, shiraz and famous Semillon — a light white wine criminally underrated all over the world. The region is also famous for great olive oil, citrus, and soft cheese, so you can have a chill day full of good wine and food. 

Move to Melbourne

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Once you sleep off all the wine you’ve had in Hunter Valley, you can grab a flight to Melbourne, the country’s culture and food capital. This city will provide you with endless fun, but since you have limited time, you can only schedule a few Melbourne attractions. Take note of the following for your Australia itinerary:

The first thing you should do is find an affordable and reliable car hire in Melbourne, which is more than possible. Once you have your car, you’ll have a lot of freedom to create a full schedule for the next two days. And driving in Australia is a joy, just watch out for those hook turns. Start by visiting Royal Botanic Gardens which will reconnect you with nature and give you enough peace to prepare for strolling the Queen Victoria Market sheds

Spend the next day exploring the city and eating some good food — after all, you’re in the unofficial foodie capital of the world!  If you still didn’t have a chance to meet Aussie wildlife, you can spend the afternoon at Melbourne Zoo and enjoy a massive display of the animal kingdom right outside the city’s CBD. 

Take the Great Ocean Road

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Early in the morning, you can start your road trip and hit the famous Great Ocean Road. This drive is one of the most iconic drives in the world with plenty of interesting stops at coastal towns and peaceful beaches. Even though the road is located just 100 kilometres from Melbourne and is just about 250 kilometres long itself, you will need an entire day for this adventure since you’ll want to take plenty of stops to admire the views.

If you keep your eyes open, you might even catch koalas relaxing in the woods! Take your time, but make sure to reach the Twelve Apostles in the sunset—that’s a special view you will remember forever. Conclude your drive and your Australian adventure near Port Fairy and enjoy a tasty dinner and conversation with locals.  

You might only get a chance to see a small portion of this big and intriguing country, but this seven-day Australia itinerary will surely tickle your fancy and encourage you to return to the Land Down Under for the second round of fun and exploration. 

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