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Looking for a perfect vacation to beat the heat? Well, there’s no destination better for that than the cool, refreshing climate of wondrous Western Australia. Lying just a 4.5-hour flight away from Singapore, this stretch of Down Under makes for the perfect short getaway! Start with these travel packages to Western Australia, which will take you from the vibrant city to spellbinding natural landscapes.


Travel packages to Western Australia

1. Margaret River Getaway – Food Lovers Experience

Calling all foodies! You don’t want to miss this two-day getaway to the wine country of Margaret River

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

From Perth, you’ll first head south to Busselton (Undalup) and see the iconic Busselton Jetty.  At 1.841 kilometres long, it’s the longest tourist jetty in the southern hemisphere and second longest in the world.

Stroll or take a ride on the solar-powered Jetty Train over the Indian Ocean to the Underwater Observatory – one of only six in the world! After that, you’ll head to an internationally renowned winery for some stunning wine tastings. 

Next, travel to Mammoth Cave and discover its vast chambers that reveal plenty of information about the flora and fauna of the region. This gargantuan natural structure offers plenty of insight into Australia’s ancient past, with over 10,000 fossils accumulated within. Most of them are Megafauna (giant animals), so if you’re interested in looking at a 50,000 year-old jawbone embedded in a rock wall, Mammoth Cave is the place to be! 

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You’ll also visit Boranup Forest to admire the majestic Karri trees, before reaching the fascinating town of Augusta. Stop by the historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, which is situated at the most south-westerly point of Australia, the tip of a spectacular peninsula where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. 

In visiting this famous landmark, you’ll learn a little about how it was built from local limestone in 1895. To this day, the lighthouse continues to function and plays an important role in helping vessels navigate Cape Leeuwin.   

After that, enjoy the Margaret River’s Wine and Food Lover’s Tour by Harvest Tours. Prepare to be taken on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey that celebrates the food and wine artisans of the Margaret River region. Enjoy sampling different wines, coffees, and chocolates at a range of different boutiques and five-star wineries.

Price from: S$840 per person


2. Fun Times in Perth

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Prepare a whirlwind of adventure in this four-day tour of Perth (Boorloo).

Image credit (L-R): Tourism Western Australia; JohnCrux via Canva Pro

Start off your journey with a full tour of the incredible Pinnacles. Located in the Nambung National Park, the Pinnacles are named as such because of the natural limestone formations that jut out from the sand. After which, you can head to Lancelin and  experience some exciting off-road driving and sandboard your way down the desert dunes.

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

After that, it’s a stop at the Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley. Here, meet and feed a ton of local wildlife such as wombats, kangaroos, and koalas. From there, you’ll travel along quiet backroads to the lobster fishing town of Cervantes

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Enjoy a factory tour of a peek at the processing of Western Australian Rock Lobsters. After that you can also watch the sea lions by the beach, or hire a stand-up paddle board for some good times on the water. Finally, settle down for a delicious seafood meal! Once the meal is done, you’ll return to Perth while enjoying the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean Drive.

Price from: S$585 per person


3. The Fraser Gallop Estate Experience

Here’s an experience at Margaret River that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a wine-tasting paradise. Explore classic Bordeaux varietals with Clive Otto of Fraser Gallop Estate, and join him for an incredible tasting session to explore back vintages. 

Learn to understand the nuances in flavour between Rhone Valley’s Syrah and Margaret River’s Shiraz under the expert guidance of Domaine Naturaliste’s winemaker and Syrah aficionado, Bruce Dukes. 

You’ll also enjoy a hands-on patisserie class at Maison Lassiaille. A visit to Howard Park Wines will have you celebrating the nature of all things bubbly. This is the home of the Marchand & Burch collection of Champagne and Cremant. Complete your tour with cider and crepes at Bistro Breton.

Price from: S$5,715 per person

Tour date: 26 to 30 Jun 2023


4. Beneath the Surface – Truffles, Pinot ‘n produce: Pemberton’s earthly delights

Truffles, anyone? Get ready for a four-night stay at Pemberton’s private truffle estate. Each one of your meals on this four-night stay will be personally paired with the perfect wine by award-winning private chef, Cassandra Mel Kokotiis. 

Your adventure begins with a morning truffle hunt alongside Dion, the owner and operator of the Stonebarn Trufferie private estate. This rustic paradise is located in Manjimup, which is famous for the delicious black truffle. Alongside Pemberton, these two places form the Southern Forest region and are preeminent producers of black truffles in the southern hemisphere. 

As you follow around an expertly trained truffle-hunting dog as it kicks up leaves, be prepared to find truffles that range from a cute 30 grams to hundreds of grams in weight. Black truffles are prized due to their one-of-a-kind umami aroma and taste, which goes great in a variety of dishes depending on how they’re used.

After that, you’ll get to spend an afternoon with the owner and winemaker of Picardy Wines, Dan Pannell, or the Radomiljac family. You’ll be enjoying each other’s company in the picturesque vineyards of Pemberly of Pemberton. Aside from being prime truffle ground, Pemberton is a land of towering trees and vineyards that stretch far into the picturesque horizon. You can actually find the world’s tallest fire lookout tree – the Gloucester Tree – in Pemberton! The deep forests are filled with wildflowers in the spring, and you’ll also find some of Western Australia’s best wines here.

Besides that, you’ll also get to experience a hands-on honey tasting with Mikey and Alexa at Pemberton Honey Co. There’s also a half-day hiking expedition through the Karri forest to enjoy, and Pinot Noir masterclasses followed by a luxurious winter feast. On top of all this, enjoy an Italian wine-tasting and truffle gala dinner.

Price from: S$5,788 per person

Tour dates: 24 to 28 Jul 2023, 7 to 11 Aug 2023, 21 to 25 Aug 2023


5. Exploring Perth and the Southwest – Self Drive 

western australia travel packages

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Looking for a longer stay? Well, this next tour package shows you some of the best attractions that Western Australia has to offer in seven incredible days. Start off by visiting the charming port town of Fremantle (Walyalup). 

Roughly 20 minutes away from Perth, Fremantle has historic buildings on every corner, unconventional breweries, and quirky buskers. You’ll discover delightful markets, repurposed pubs, museums, malls, and boutiques. 

There’s even a Ferris Wheel at Fremantle’s Esplanade Park, and if you’re brave enough, you can go on a torch-lit tour of the World Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison. Aside from learning about maritime history, spend time shopping for clothes, crafts, and jewellery at the Fremantle Market. You can also pop by the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour for fresh seafood and hot chips.

western australia

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

If you’ve got some time leftover, don’t forget to check out Penguin Island. This gorgeous nature reserve is home to Western Australia’s largest colony of little penguin, not to mention stingrays, dolphins, sea lions, and other marine life. 

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

From there, make your way to the city of Mandurah (Mandjoogoordap), where you can check out plenty of quaint cafes and the Mandurah Ocean Marina. This entire town carries with it an unmistakable holiday vibe, and the wide expanses of grass bordering its canals are perfect for picnics. If you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins frolicking in those very canals. 

For a bite to eat, why not order some blue swimmer crab from any one of the nearby restaurants. It’s a Mandurah speciality! Need a place to swim? Check out the nearby Town’s Beach, or Hall’s Head Beach. They’re only about a minute away from the town centre. 

You’ll also visit Koombana Bay in Bunbury, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing cruise along the canal lines and picturesque estuary. Bunbury is also famous for its wild, yet friendly bottlenose dolphins. This cosmopolitan city is full of life and offers a wide variety of interesting holiday experiences.

western australia travel packages

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

After that, you’ll arrive at the city of Busselton, best known for its iconic jetty. But ivory sands and beautiful turquoise waters aren’t all this city has to offer. Busselton is also abuzz with artisanal food, produce, crafts, and performing arts.    

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

After spending the night at Busselton, the next leg of the tour will see you on a drive towards the Margaret River region. Prepare to be mesmerised by the gorgeous scenery, featuring lush forests, a stunning coastline, and green pastures that bloom with wildflowers in the spring.

western australia

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Next, you’ll visit the towns of Pemberton and Walpole. Pemberton sits close to the Gloucester National Park, which is famous for its towering karri trees and pristine rivers. You can also go for a four-wheel drive adventure ride at Yeagarup Dunes, or visit Forest Fresh Marron Farm

Other destinations include the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre, where you can learn about the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Swarbrick, and Mount Frankland

The day will end by visiting the coastal town of Albany, where you’ll spend the night. Also known as Kinjarling, this town sits by a harbour and is edged by a national park. Be prepared for a rugged coastline filled with sculpted rocks, beautiful sandy beaches, and nature trails that are perfect for satisfying your inner adventurer. On top of that, Albany is also filled with wineries, wine bars, and historical buildings.

From Albany, it’s a drive up north to The Kodja Place, a cultural centre for the Noongar Aboriginal people of Kojonup. Here, you’ll be able to browse the Kodj gallery and gift shop, which features Noongar paintings, boomerangs, didgeridoos, and hand-painted pottery. On top of that, you’ll also be able to try a traditional meal of Billy tea and damper on a guided tour.

Price from: S$3,000 per person

Travel by: 31 Mar 2024


6. Untamed Pilbara and West Coast

western australia travel packages

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Get ready to explore Western Australia with a fair bit of outdoor adventures in the mix. Begin this incredible tour in the beach town of Broome. After that, you’ll be heading south to the famous Pilbara region, known for its ancient cultural landscape, aboriginal peoples, and vast mineral deposits. 

You’ll be able to visit Port Hedland, a hub for major resource activity and a significant contributor to the Australian economy. It’s also famous for a natural phenomenon called the Staircase to the Moon. This is when the full moon rises past exposed mudflats at extremely low tide, creating the optical illusion of a staircase reaching to the moon. It’s best viewed from Cooke Point between March and October. 

Port Hedland is also known for the ancient Warlu Way trail. Named for the Dreamtime sea serpent from Aboriginal legends, the trail winds 2,480 kilometres through the ancient landscapes of Pilbara and Kimberly

Image credit: Rhys_Palazzolo via Canva Pro

Next, you’ll journey to the Karijini National Park, located in the Hamersley Ranges. This is a wildly beautiful landscape that’s filled with gorges, waterfalls, and rock pools. Explore the Fortescue Falls at Dales Gorge and take a walk up to one of the park’s plunge pools — if you’re up for the challenge.

western australia

Image credit: Jonathan Stacey via Canva Pro

Travel to the town of Tom Price to enjoy a guided tour of Rio Tinto’s Open Cut Iron Ore Mine

Then, move along to the town of Exmouth in North West Cape. You’ll be given a lovely tour of the township, and a chance to visit the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. This is a spot that offers spectacular views, so don’t forget to get your cameras out.

At Exmouth, you’ll also go on a cruise in a glass-bottomed boat over the famous Ningaloo Reef. Watch as coral formations in the lagoon gardens of the inner reef pass beneath your feet. 

After that, you’ll carry on to the town of Carnarvon to visit the Space and Technology Museum. Here, you’ll learn more about the Carnarvon Tracking Station and the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) Satellite Earth Station, both of which played separate roles in the early space industry. 

Image credit: Damian Lugowski via Canva Pro

Head over to Hamelin Pool next to see the world’s best-known colony of stromatolites. These strange formations date back to the birth of our planet, and have helped scientists unravel the history of life on Earth. 

Later, visit the fascinating Shell Beach, formed from billions of cockle shells that are stacked up to ten metres deep. 

After that, you’ll carry on to the beautiful waters and sandy beaches of Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, where you’ll be able to spot some dolphins up close.

western australia travel packages

Image credit: fotofritz16 via Canva Pro

At the tail end of the tour, you’ll visit the stunning Kalbarri National Park! Check out the Hawks Head lookout for beautiful vistas of the Murchison River Gorge. P.S. — During the wildflower season, this national park is covered in pretty blooms. 

After that, you’ll arrive in Geraldton to visit the evocative HMAS Sydney Memorial and enjoy a chance to explore the seaside town for yourself. 

Lastly, you’ll arrive in Nambung National Park to witness the marvellous beauty of the Pinnacles. Not forgetting Yanchep National Park to enjoy an amazing Aboriginal Cultural Experience in a bush setting. 

Price from: S$3,000 per person

Book by: 30 Jul 2023

Travel by: 31 Mar 2024


So, are you ready to start your grand adventure? There are plenty of marvellous attractions to explore, and with these travel packages to Western Australia, you’ll get to enjoy the best of them. 

All of this — minus the hassle of planning the entire trip by yourself. Whenever you’re ready, Western Australia awaits!

Brought to you by UOB Travel and Tourism Western Australia.

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