20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

Travelling to the Philippines? Forget it - it’s just a total waste of time! Here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your travel plans.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about the Philippines – stunning beaches, delicious food, fun fiestas, hospitable people and the list goes on. If there are many reasons why you must visit the Philippines, here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your plans of travelling to my country. Forget coming to the Philippines – it’s a total waste of time.

1. It’s really hot in here

about PhilippinesImage credit: Blue Dawn Boracay

2. It’s just made up of 7,107 plain islands

hundred islands pangasinanImage credit: vickisee.com

3. With beaches that will bore you to death

Camiguin IslandImage credit: Chill and Travel

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4. Nothing very spectacular about its marine life

Padre BurgosImage credit: Klaus Stiefel

5. And its underwater creatures

Whale shark Oslob CebuImage credit: lostintravelsblog.com

6. Even the mountains are not majestic enough

mount pulagImage credit: jojo nicdao

7. What’s so special about these hills?

chocolate hills boholImage credit: Johanna Alexis

8. It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal

tarsier boholImage credit: jhun111jhun

9. An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing

Taal VolcanoImage credit: Deck Chua

10. How could this be a New Wonder of Nature?

underground river palawanImage credit: RioHondo

11. The streets are out-of-date

ViganImage credit: Reguero87

12. And the transportation too

Kalesa Vigan CityImage credit: gyunyu3

13. There is nothing modern in the Philippines

makati skylineImage credit: mykel7873

14. Pollution is everywhere

pinatubo crater lakeImage credit: jaybz

15. I told you, it’s polluted

palawanImage credit: palawanisland.org

16. The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture

Filipino nativesImage credit: manilacitytour.com

17. Fiestas are such an eyesore

Sinulog FestivalImage credit: Dagon Hoyohoy

18. And the food? Full of sugar

halo-haloImage credit: Fairfax Inn Restaurant

19. And bad cholesterol

filipino street foodImage credit: Icqgirl

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You would never want to visit the Philippines because…

20. … you might not want to leave!

Region 7 Central VisayasImage credit: Becoming Filipino

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