A Photographic Tour of East Asian Megacities

A Photographic Tour of East Asian Megacities

A megacity is a home to over ten million people. These photos will show the wonders of human development.

If Europe is the continent of ancient cities, Asia is without question the continent of megacities. A megacity is officially defined as a metropolitan area that is home to more than ten million people. Since 2015, there are 37 of such cities in the world, an incredible 22 of which are located in Asia. No less than 13 (a third) are located in East Asia – East Asia being the part of Asia east of India. Therefore, this list does not include cities in India or the Middle East, a region that’s home to 9 (or a quarter of all) megacities.

It’s possible to write thousands of words on these wonders of urban and human development, but for now, let’s let the pictures will do all talking. Come along for a photographic tour of East Asian megacities!

13. Chongqing, China (10,000,000 people)

Image Credits: Clément Belleudy 

Image Credits: Rita Heine

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12. Tianjin, China (11,000,000 people)

Image Credits: Kim S

Image Credits: CHEN KIRIN

11. Shenzhen, China (12,250,000 people)

Image Credits: yuan2003

Image Credits: ArcBotics

10. Guangzhou, China (12,700,000 people)

Image Credits: wallace_Lan

Image Credits: Robert S. Donovan

9. Bangkok, Thailand (15,350,000 people)

Image Credits: Tore Bustad

Image Credits: Eustaquio Santimano

8. Dhaka, Bangladesh (18,250,000 people)

Image Credits: mariusz kluzniak

Image Credits: C h a y [°ô] N

7. Manila, Philippines (20,000,000 people)

Image Credits: Jarle Refsnes

Image Credits: Benjie Ordoñez

6. Osaka, Japan (20,250,000 people)

Image Credits: Rick

Image Credits: Yoshikazu TAKADA

5. Beijing, China (21,650,000 people)

Image Credits: Jonathan Kos-Read

Image Credits: Jens Schott Knudsen

4. Shanghai, China (25,400,000 people)

Image Credits: JERRYANG

Image Credits: Shawn Clover

3. Seoul, South Korea (26,100,000 people)

Image Credits: Doug Sun Beams

Image Credits: Brad Hammonds

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2. Jakarta, Indonesia (30,325,000 people)

Image Credits: Luke Ma

Image Credits: AditChandra

1. Tokyo, Japan (37,900,000 people)

Image Credits: Moyan Brenn

Image Credits: Robert S. Donovan

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