6 Long Weekends in Indonesia in 2016

6 Long Weekends in Indonesia in 2016

2016 in Indonesia will be a year with plenty of public holidays. Plan your getaways with our cheatsheet & calendar to make the best of the six long weekends.

Rejoice, travellers from Indonesia! The 2016 long weekends calendar is out and that can only mean one thing – it is time to mark out the dates to embark on more travel adventures in the upcoming year.

2016 is a year generous with its public holidays (also known as tanggal libur) and hence long weekends (libur panjang) too. In fact, there is will be one holiday in July that is nine days long.

There are five official long weekends in Indonesia in 2016, but why not enjoy an extra one by taking a day of leave on May 6 to extend your Ascension Day weekend? The five official long weekends are as follows:

New Year’s Day – January 1 to 3 (Friday to Sunday)
Good Friday – March 25 to 27 (Friday to Sunday)
Idul Fitri & Joint Holiday – July 2 to 10 (Saturday to Sunday)
Maulid Nabi – December 10 to 12 (Saturday to Monday)
Christmas Day – December 24 to 26 (Saturday to Monday)

TripZilla Magazine - Indonesia 2016 Long Weekends and Public Holidays Calendar

On top of the calendar, we also have a long weekends cheatsheet for you!

TripZilla Magazine - Indonesia 2016 Long Weekends Cheatsheet

Though we’re not even halfway through 2015, planning your travels early is never a bad idea. Download, print and share the 2015 long weekends calendar and cheatsheet with all your friends!

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