3D2N Guide to the Komodo Islands

3D2N Guide to the Komodo Islands

The main island will close for a year in 2020, but the rest of the islands are still open to visitors!

The unique and exciting Komodo Island, part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Indonesian islands is a getaway for those who love wide open beaches and unconventional wildlife and, as you may have guessed, the island gets its name from the 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard which can be found there.

There’s a lot more going on around this amazing island though. See for yourself. If you’re ever in the vicinity, here’s a 3D2N guide to help you enjoy Komodo’s many incredibly unique, island activities.

Day 1 – Surprises abound

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You’ll probably first want to experience the very thing that makes Komodo Island so special in the first place. Yup, head on over to the Komodo National Park, which covers the entire region and is home to more than 4,000 intimidating dragons. Not only is this a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also considered one of the New 7 World Wonders of Nature. Landscapes made up of rusty-red volcanic hills, a savannah and an assortment of forests await.

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Not too far away, Padar Island offers breathtaking views of the pink, black and white coloured beaches, azure blue waters and picturesque mountains throughout the region. You’ll have to do a bit of hiking first but the peak of the trekking route can make the hike totally worthwhile.

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For some authentic Indonesian food to get your mouth watering, head over to Atlantis, which is a short drive away from the main area of Labuan Bajo. Fantastic food with favourites like grilled squid and delectable fried fish dishes can be found served in a restaurant made to look like a giant, old-fashioned, pirate ship!

Day 2 – Coloured coral, Japanese food and mantas

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You probably won’t find too many other places in the world that feature pink coloured beaches and yet, Komodo is home to not one but a few. Red coloured coral that thrives on the nearby shores is what gives the sand its pinkish hue when they break off into tiny fragments and mix with other shell particles. Most boat tours include these pink beaches in their itineraries and you can look forward to some snorkelling to find cool red coral that lines the sea floor.

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Another renowned activity that takes place on Komodo Island? Swimming at the various Manta points scattered around the area. Manta ray schools are a common sight in the waters of this island so be sure to head over and swim with these extraordinary fishies. There’s another manta spot about an hour’s boat ride away from Komodo. Enjoy an open sea with droves of colourful fishes as well as beautiful manta rays.


Day 3 – Simple pleasures

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Today, explore some of Komodo’s most prominent natural attractions, beginning with the Cunca Waterfall, which can be found not too far from Labuan Bajo’s main town area. Prepare for a nice change of scenery, made up of lush jungle landscapes instead of island shores. The route to get to this spot is an adventurous one but stick it out and you may find it all worth it once you come across the astonishing waterfall.

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Batu Cermin is a majestic and mysterious cave shrouded in dark stone hills near the east side of Labuan Bajo’s harbour. Its name (translated as Mirror Rock) was derived from the way in which sunlight shines through the cave from the front hole of the tunnel, which reflects against stone walls and bounces off of various surfaces to create a spectacular showcase of natural splendour. Long-tailed monkeys and wild boars are also commonly spotted here.

Wind down after that adventurous trip into the jungle with a stop at Molas Café. This eatery features a clear blue pool (which can be a welcome way to help counter the Labuan Bajo heat). The wonderful outdoor setup is serene and the food is simple but scrumptious nonetheless.

Komodo Island is a place of surprises and astonishingly unique attractions. Refer to this 3D2N guide, make the most out of your journey and don’t forget that there are plenty of hidden gems scattered throughout this lovely destination.

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