3 Reasons You Should Drop Everything To Take a Gap Year

3 Reasons You Should Drop Everything To Take a Gap Year

Don’t wait until you have too many excuses to go, see why you need to take a gap year and travel now!

Often taken after polytechnic or in between undergraduate studies, a gap year means taking time away from the daily grind to get out and explore the world while you can.

And no, taking a gap year doesn’t mean you’re lazy, or that you’re afraid of the so-called real world.  As cheesy as it sounds, you are gaining invaluable life experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are three reasons you should drop everything right now and take a gap year to travel.

You have no excuses (yet)

One day, sooner or later, you’ll be stressing about your new job, or that promotion you need, or having enough money for the ten different bills and student loans you pay each month. Your answer to travel will always be “maybe in six months” or “maybe once I get the promotion and have more money”.  Over time, your priorities will change.

But it is not that time yet!

Right now, you are on top of the world and in the prime of your life. You likely have nothing holding you down yet.  So this is absolutely the perfect time to pick everything up and explore and discover new things.  When you get back, you will be so happy you took the chance now instead of wishing for the “perfect time” to go later down the road.

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Your resume will stand out

Don’t see taking a gap year as “wasted” time.  In actuality, this time is extremely valuable and looks impressive to your future employer.

Taking a full year off likely means you will need to get a job overseas. Wherever you pick up work, you can now show off to a potential employer your knack for dealing with international customers and adapting to new situations.

If you’re lucky enough to not work during your gap year, you still have important decision making skills, and the ability to work independently and efficiently in unfamiliar environments.

Travelling might just give you more experience than working in your desired field for a full year!

You’ll have amazing adventures

A lot of destinations have activities specially designed for young or gap year travellers.  So take in a Full Moon Party in Thailand, go skydiving in New Zealand, or drink and dance on tables at Oktoberfest all night long.

Think of all the new friends you’ll make on the road, and the enriching experience of being invited into someone’s family home in China for a meal or celebration.  For the rest of your life these people will be there for you, even give you a home next time you’re in their part of the world and vice versa.

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So get out and explore now, this may be the best chance you’ll ever have!

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