19 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Addicted to Travelling

19 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Addicted to Travelling

You know you’re addicted to travelling when your passport is so cluttered you need to get a new one, or if you can guess the weight of your bag simply by looking at it. Here are 19 signs that prove you’re a one of a kind globetrotter!

For some people, travelling is just a short trip to Canada for a couple of days, but for others, travelling is a way of life. Like a drug, it is an addiction and takes up most of your time. Here are 19 Tell-Tale Signs you’re addicted to travel.

1. You start all your stories with ‘When I was in…’

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2. You have more miles in the air than on the road.

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3. You can say ‘Hello’ in 10 different languages.

4. You have a travel fund jar which you contribute towards every day.

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5. You practically live out of your suitcase – even at home!

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6. Waking up in your own bed feels weird.

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7. You bought an iPhone, just for GPS and travel apps.

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8. You subscribe to travel magazines and read guidebooks for fun.

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9. You have at least five different currencies in your wallet.

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10. You’re planning your next trip while you’re on a holiday.

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11. You ask people ‘Where are you from?’ instead of ‘How are you?’

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12. People cry when they leave home. You cry when you have to go back.

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13. Your room is cluttered with postcards and souvenirs from more than 20 different countries.

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14. You passport is cluttered to the point that you need to get a new one.

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15. You know exactly which customs agents to avoid at the airport.

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16. You experience major withdrawal symptoms in between trips.

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17. You can guess the weight of your luggage simply by looking at it.

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18. You run a travel blog and have new updates every other day.

19. You use Skype more often than your handphone because all your friends are scattered over the world.

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