15 Awe-Inspiring Hot Air Balloon Rides Around the World

15 Awe-Inspiring Hot Air Balloon Rides Around the World

The views from these hot air balloon rides will blow (pun intended) you away.

Seeing a place from up close is definitely worth it, but nothing really compares to admiring a city or landscape from above. Scenic flights are one option, but going on scenic hot air balloon rides is even more memorable, amazing and probably even romantic.

Read on to see the most scenic hot air balloon rides in the world.

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Image Credits: Patrick Down

Cappadocia is arguably one of the most iconic ballooning destinations on the planet. The landscape of this otherworldly looking Turkish region is made up of limestone chimneys, underground dwellings and rock formations in every kind of shape.

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2. Bagan, Myanmar

Image Credits: Alexander Schimmeck

Bagan’s claim to fame is its thousands of ancient temples dotted across a landscape of fields and patches of woods. Joining a sunset or sunrise hot air balloon ride will certainly result in several wonderful photographs.

3. Loire Valley, France

Image Credits: Sachitha Obeysekara

The landscapes of the Loire Valley are among the most beautiful in France, consisting of literally hundreds of manors and castles, sunflower fields, wineries, slowly meandering rivers and ancient stone villages.

4. Serengeti, Tanzania

Image Credits: Tomasz Kijas

The annual migration of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle in the Serengeti in Tanzania is the largest animal migration on earth. Animals, which also include lions, hyenas and giraffes, can be seen year-round, but the migration itself happens in spring and fall.

5. Yarra Valley, Australia

Image Credits: Stephen McGrath

The Yarra Valley, located just outside of Melbourne, is one of Australia’s main wine regions. The landscape encompasses the stunning Yarra River, rolling hills, endless vineyards and the Great Dividing Range in the distance.

6. Lake Champlain, Vermont, USA

Image Credits: Marty Desilets

Beautiful Lake Champlain is squeezed between Vermont’s stunning Green Mountains and upstate New York’s Adirondacks. Views include sailboats on the lake, white churches on the shores, woods as far as  the eye can see and, in fall, breathtaking foliage.

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7. Napa Valley, California, USA

Image Credits: john gale

California’s premier wine region looks absolutely stunning when seen during a sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride. The best time of year to do this is in spring and autumn, when the weather is best.

8. Istria, Croatia

Image Credits: Viaggio Routard

When floating above Istria, Croatia, in a hot air balloon, the views take in vineyards, beautiful coastlines, hilltop villages and undulating hills.

9. Luxor, Egypt

Image Credits: Alexander Oglaend

Luxor is one of Egypt’s most popular travel destinations and rightly so. A scenic balloon ride offers views that take in everything from the green Nile Valley to the temple-dotted desert.

10. The Alps, Switzerland

Image Credits: Sam Nabi

Switzerland is world-renowned for its Alpine landscapes and there’s nothing like seeing the sharp, rugged, snow-wrapped mountain peaks from a hot air balloon. The place to be is Gstaad.

11. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Image Credits: Kevin Eddy

In October, Albuquerque, New Mexico, becomes the ballooning capital of the world. This is when hundreds and hundreds of brightly coloured balloons take to the air during the annual International Balloon Fiesta.

12. Tuscany, Italy

Image Credits: Ghiandol

Often regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, Tuscany is covered with rolling farmlands, hilltop towns, wineries and lush green valleys.

13. The Arctic, Canada

Image Credits: Michelle Valberg

Ballooning in Arctic Canada offers the opportunity to spot wildlife, such as polar bears, caribou, whales and arctic foxes, while admiring the stunning polar landscapes.

14. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image Credits: Sarah_Ackerman

A hot air balloon ride in Dubai is the perfect way to notice the extreme difference between the ultra-modern city with its fabulous skyscrapers and artificial islands and the vast sand desert that surrounds it.

15. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Image Credits: Balloon Team

The largest temple complex in the world is even more impressive when seen from above than when exploring it on foot—particularly sunset balloon rides over Angkor Wat are unforgettable.

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