10 Weirdest Buildings Around the World You Should Visit

10 Weirdest Buildings Around the World You Should Visit

Lo and behold the quirkiest, wackiest and confounding buildings around the world. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

After churning out pieces after pieces of travel articles, I was almost certain nothing in this world could wow me as much as when I first started out. Imagine my surprise when I ended up questioning my cognitive senses thanks to the world’s ceaseless attempt to create innovative buildings. Rather than being immune to weirdness and peculiarities, I found my level of respect towards these creative-packed architects proliferates multi-folds.

So I’ve decided to list down the mind-blowing buildings that have worked its magic on me.

A note of caution, you’re not seeing things, and it’s fruitless to grab your glasses for a clearer look, these are all real buildings in the real world.

1. Krzywy Domek

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Image credits: qbanez.flog.pl

Image credits: Topory

This is a fairy tale building actualising before your eyes. Poland’s completely out of shape Krzywy Domek is the world’s most crooked building. Although it looks amazing on picture, it’s interesting to note that some tourists become reluctant to enter this wacky building because it looks too much intimidating when they see it in person.

2. Spinning Dubai Tower

Image credits: designspawn.com

Image credits: southafrica.to

Rotating hotels? Checked. 360 degree skyscraper? Checked. Now, it’s the spinning tower in Dubai. Like a magical mask changing, the record-breaking skyline appears different from Monday to Sunday! If you think this is truly a remarkable achievement, hear this, the man behind this experimental building has never before built a skyscraper!

3. Lou Ruvo Center

Image credits: Cygnusloop99

Image credits: buildipedia.com

Yeap, this is a clinic behind all the artsy, convoluted shape. In fact, a serious one dedicated to pursuing an effective treatment for brain diseases while providing a state-of-the-art care for affected patients. A nice change from the old and dull hospitals that can sometimes be a pain even to step foot in.

4. Ukraine Crossword Puzzle

Image credits: whenonearth.net

Just be careful where you’re standing when you try to solve this giant crossword puzzle. Yes, you can actually work out an answer. The clues are scattered around the city of Lvov in Ukraine. At night, you’ll see puzzle enthusiasts gather around to wait for the grand moment when the answers are revealed under the glowing fluorescent light.

5. Melting Building Mural

Image credits: fwdlife.in

We have the twisted building, now it’s the melting building. This is an art technique that uses exceptionally realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the building is actually melting. The French name for this is Trompe-l’oeil, which means trick of the eye.

6. Walter Towers

Image credits: eikongraphia.com

Behold the mighty power of W! This impressive undulated building is meant to be the pioneer to usher in a new wave of fresh urban design. Cleverly connected by four towers to become one continuous structure, Walter Tower is a place for both the serious work and chill-out pursuit.

7. Angry Bird Church

Image credits: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Could it be that angry bird is inspired from this church? The Florida chapel became a hot topic on the Internet when it first appeared to resemble the red bird in angry bird – the eyes, the beak and the wings. This 1944 church in Madeira Beach and its bird-like features are meant to be a compass to direct ships.

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8. Hitler House

Image credits: Lightning the Fuse

An uncanny resemblance to the world’s evilest tyranny, is it not? From the slanting rooftop that looks like the classic slicked down, side-parted hair to the front door lintel that takes after Hitler’s distinct gelled up moustache in mysterious ways. This ordinary house came to public’s attention after a passerby – with a little too much imagination – noticed the unearthly resemblance and tweeted it on twitter.

9. Magic Tap Fountain

Image credits: emijrp

Located at Aqualand, Puerto de Santa María, Spain

Image credits: tiny_packages

Magic tap fountain in the town of Ypres, Belgium

Image credits: Jean Marc Gfp

Also in Spain at Santa Galdana, Menorca

This floating fountain had me fooled completely. The trick is basically a pipe in the middle of the gushing water that is holding on to the entire structure. This visibly pipeless tap is found in three places on Earth – one in Belgium and two in Spain.

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10. Dancing House

Image credits: dreabobea.wordpress.com

Built by the legendary dancing duo, this incredibly daring curvy building is one of the rare art pieces in the city centre surrounded by historic buildings. Despite its interesting outlook, the only floor accessible to public, however, is the top floor of the dancing house that is home to one of the city’s leading restaurants.

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