10 Crazy Ways to Pick Your Next Travel Destination Because #YOLO

10 Crazy Ways to Pick Your Next Travel Destination Because #YOLO

Research is overrated. Throw a dart on the world map.

You really want to travel but you have no idea where to go. Does this sound familiar?Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! There are so many ways out there to find your next travel destination, and none of them involve the drudgery of research.

Below are 10 ways to do just that. While some people might think that you are insane, we know that you are just fond of living life on the edge. After all, #YOLO!

1. Throw a dart at the world map

Image Credits: Richard Matthews

If you hit the border of the map or some place you cannot travel to (for whatever reason), throw another dart. If you hit a body of water, go on a cruise instead. Sounds good? We think so.

2. Draw lots with destinations

Print out destinations onto paper, throw the pieces of paper into a hat and then draw one of them out… Because old school methods of randomisation are the best.

3. Generate a GPS location…randomly

Image Credits: bluman

Generate a random number between 0 and 90. Generate another random number between 0 and 180. Enter the first value as the latitude and the second value as the longitude on a GPS coordinate mapper and then get ready to book your tickets.

(Psst, let us know if you try this. We’d love to see where this method will bring you!)

4. Blind book a flight

When you are in (or near) Germany and you’re not sure about where to go, just grab a blind booked flight from Germanwings. You can choose from eight themes (sun and beach, gay friendly, party, culture, shopping, metropolis and nature and hiking) which has a few cities that your ticket may bring you to. The identity of the city you will be travelling to will remain a mystery until you pay for the ticket.

If you’re not in Germany, find your most travelled friend, and ask him/her to book a flight for you!

5. Take a quiz!

Image Credits: Tripzard

There are many quizzes floating around the internet about which nationality you should be or something along those lines. Take one of those quizzes, then score your results and travel to the country that you supposedly should be in. Who knows, you might find your favourite travel destination that way! (A less crazy version of this method will involve using Tripzard which selects locations for you based on your travel preferences).

6. Find the cheapest place to travel to

Broke but still want to travel? Well, the no–brainer is to just pick out cheap travel destinations. This can be done using Drungli, a travel website which will generate the cheapest destinations based on your home country and the length of time you wish to travel for.

7. Or go to the next place that will let you travel for free

Image Credits: strikeael

Why not do the next WWOOF gig that will take you out of your home country?

8. Spin the globe

Then pick a country and jet off!

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9. Ask your Tumblr followers to decide for you

Image Credits: Corrado

Warning: Problems may arise when your Tumblr followers decide to send you to some place out of your budget.

10. Put a map in front of your dog/cat and let it decide

Image Credits: pjmorse

All you need is a cat or dog and to place your trust in their wisdom.

Note: This method might not be so appropriate if your dog or cat enjoys chewing on paper.

Bonus: Play this video and then pause it randomly

There are 500 locations crammed into less than two minutes in this video.

Which destination did you get?

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