UFOs and Human Experiments - 8 Best Places to Meet Aliens

UFOs and Human Experiments – 8 Best Places to Meet Aliens

Are you into all things strange and supernatural? If you’d like to hitch a ride on the next spacecraft or welcome some friendly aliens, here are 8 hotspot locations that will up your chances of UFO sightings.

Picture this: You’ve developed astonishing powers allowing you to travel the entire universe in a heartbeat. You take off from the comfort of your room and plummet through space and time.

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You would probably be astounded by the number of planets and solar systems you pass by. If you really look at the big picture, you’ll realise that countless planets exist – it’s almost impossible for other life forms not to exist in this world. Just because we humans are limited by our own current technology (i.e. how far we can travel into outer space), it does not mean that other life forms haven’t succeeded where we have yet to achieve.

Having said this, it also seems extremely likely for some of these aliens to have set foot on our own soil. Many earthlings have caught sight of UFOs at particular spots all over Earth. After spending hours researching on where I can meet aliens at least once during this lifetime, I’ve collated all the sightings and discovered 8 major hotspots that I can go to meet the next E.T.! See you there, maybe?

1. Roswell and Dulce, New Mexico

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Our first hotspot is New Mexico. After the famous extraterrestrial crash of 1947, Roswell became a huge hit with UFO enthusiasts all over the world. That fateful day, news of a spacecraft carrying alien life form found in Roswell debris spread wild, inviting much speculation about the existence of aliens. Nearby in Dulce, there were reports of a secret facility under the Archuleta Mesa where humans and aliens work together conducting genetic experiments in the “Nightmare Hall”. Frightened locals refrain from speaking about it in fear of getting kidnapped and used for experiments.

The Roswell UFO Museum is a popular stopover for UFO devotees (or skeptics). You can even get a picture snapped with an alien at the Alien Zone!

2. The Welsh Triangle, Dyfed, Wales

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Nothing will prepare you for the series of strange encounters that occurred at Dyfed, Wales in 1977. They had almost everything – UFO sightings, glowing light, spiralling electricity bills, burned out cars, and the best yet, a herd of cows that was teleported from a locked field into an adjacent farmyard.

The events at the Welsh Triangle began when 14 children spotted a spacecraft in the field beside their school. When asked to draw the craft, all their pictures looked remarkably similar. The most bizarre sighting was a 7-foot silver suited creature appearing outside the window of a family’s car. The police mentioned that never in his 26 years of service did he come across a more frightened family. While many believe the events to be caused by hoaxers, Wales is now well-known for its UFO sightings and enthusiasts flock the area to catch a glimpse of aliens.

3. M-Triangle, Russia

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The M-Triangle is every bit like the Welsh Triangle, but with a twist. The people of Russia see weird phenomenons on a regular basis – flying objects, encounters with strange translucent beings and even weird signs and letters written in the sky. However, even more curious are the people who develop extraordinary powers and superhuman abilities after visiting the M-Triangle! Rumour has it that journalist, Pavel Mukhortov, stumbled upon an isolated area in the M-Triangle which felt strange and eerie compared to surrounding areas. According to him, his group mates fell ill and he himself felt overcome by strong emotions. Upon returning from the M-Triangle, Mukhortov felt changed – smarter. He developed great knowledge concerning aerospace physics and was admitted to the Soviet Space Programme as a cosmonaut. These superpowers are also the reason why the area is under constant surveillance by Russian intelligence agencies.

4. Area 51, Nevada

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Area 51 is another site deeply shrouded in mystery. They say that if you rummage around the tunnels and facilities beneath the buildings of Area 51, you might run into an alien or two.

The story begins when the alien inhabitant of the Roswell crash of 1947 was taken from its location away to Area 51 for investigation. After this, a series of theories were released including one that says that Area 51 is the location of human and alien experiments. Apparently, aliens are attempting to produce a human-alien hybrid because they are unable to reproduce themselves. Many are convinced that the government has allowed aliens to abduct people freely for their experiments, but the Air Force denies all claims. Nonetheless, there have been claims in 1987 about the government holding nine alien spacecrafts near Area 51 to use for military technology advancement. In actuality, the government has been using the space for their own test flights – UFOs spotted in the area may simply be earthly crafts that were mistaken to look like something else.

Here’s a Google Earth view of Area 51 now. Go on, enlarge the map and drag the man to see a UFO.

5. Nullarbor Plain, Australia

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If you’ve driven down the Nullarbor Plain before, you’d have come across a curious sign board that reads “Beware of the UFOs.”. Even though its hard to believe, numerous people driving through the harsh lanes have reported their cars being chased by UFOs. Survivors of such encounters have described their experiences. One family said that their car was suddenly filled with a black mist that smelt of rotting flesh, and was privy to a high-pitched sound that was unbearable to listen to. After this, their car was lifted off the roadway, and after some distance, slammed back down. Most mysterious of all, the family said that they experienced slower and softer speech. For many Australians, travelling through Nullarbor Plain is a congratulatory experience and you can purchase stickers from nearby roadhouses that show “I have crossed the Nullarbor” (and survived).

6. San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA

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This small town in Colorado has had so many UFO sightings, locals have erected the world’s first UFO watchtower to keep track of all the drama. Since the opening of the alien lookout in 2000, more than 60 sightings of UFOs have been recorded. Many have speculated that it is perhaps the large uranium deposits within the area that has been attracting the aliens to the site. What’s more, the town is also host to a number of cattle attacks or strange mutilations that have caused many deaths amongst the cows. According to paranormal investigator, Chuck Zukowski, there were no signs of a struggle or splattering blood to indicate predator involvement. Rather, the animal was burnt and was missing an area of hide, exposing its ribcage. This is a very unusual cause of death and many feel that it is possibly caused by the aliens who frequent the area.

7. Nazca City, Peru

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An alien airport? In total, 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 plant and animal designs mark the deserts of Peru. The similarities between the Nazca Lines and modern day airport runways have convinced many that they were built in ancient times to be an alien landing strip. The ancient Nazca people were incapable of flight and yet, the Nazca Lines can only be seen from a high altitude of 1,500 feet. This is possible evidence that the Nazca lines were not created by ancient inhabitants but by some other phenomena. Evidence of extraterrestrial visits is also reminisced in the biomorphic drawings – one of these drawings depict a strange otherworldly creature waving goodbye. Although the Nazca Lines might simply be misconceived markings by the Nazcas, many are convinced of it to be an alien landing site.

8. Colares Island, Brazil

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In 1977, the Colares island in Brazil became the home base for a terrifying alien attack that left many injured and two dead. Frightening light beams were shot to the ground from a wide variety of small, large and saucer-shaped flying objects. This lasted for months and the 2,000 inhabitants of the island fell into a state of frenzy. Those hit by the beams were reported unconscious and suffered from various medical ailments and weakness once awoken.

The frequent activity of the “chupa-chupas”, as the locals called it, caused people to wonder if aliens were trying to make contact with humans through the beams. Due to the frightening events, women and children were forced to flee Colares while men stayed back to protect their homes. Many residents were able to capture these deadly devices on camera, but until now, no satisfying explanation has been offered to explain the alien activity.

On the surface, these epic events may be more disturbing than fascinating. However, if aliens truly did exist and they have been making pit stops on Earth, it may potentially change the very fabric of what it means to be part of this world.


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