10 Cities in Asia with the Best Night Skylines

10 Cities in Asia with the Best Night Skylines

The night skylines of these ten cities in Asia will prove that cities are prettiest at night.

The beauty of city skylines is an extremely serious business. After all, cities use their skylines as a calling card for visitors all around the world. As day turns to night, city skylines start to sparkle as night lights appear — and dazzling night skylines are what this article is all about.

So for those people out there obsessed with snapping the most beautiful, majestic, all-around awesome night lights, we bring to you a list of the best night skylines in Asia. We’ve also included some of the best places to get that awesome skyline Instagram shot.

1. Hong Kong

Image Credits: Daniel Go

While Hong Kong has the dubious honour of being the city with the worst light pollution in the world, it is the same light pollution that makes the city skyline of Hong Kong at night is nothing short of dazzling.

Visitors to Hong Kong who want to get more of the night skyline can attend the “A Symphony of Lights” show. This show displays the Hong Kong night skyline at its best with lasers, neon lights and search lights from more than 40 buildings, creating a fabulous lights show for the audience. The light show also makes Hong Kong’s already impressive skyline even more majestic.

2. Shanghai

Image Credits: gags9999

In the day, the Shanghai skyline is impressive. However, the skyline truly comes alive at night, with the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower shining a bright neon pink. The other skyscrapers, while less flamboyant, also contribute orange, red and blue lights to to make Shanghai’s night skyline truly amazing.

For the best view of the Shanghai skyline at night, head down to The Bund. The Bund is the waterfront area along the western bank of the Huangpu River. The Bund will provide you with excellent views along its length and plenty of photo opportunities.

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3. Tokyo

Image Credits: Alessandro Baffa

The skyline of a  sprawling metropolis by day, Tokyo’s skyline turns into a sea of red stars at night due to the many red aviation lights mounted on top of skyscrapers. Even so, there are structures in Tokyo that shine (literally) brighter than the others. The Tokyo Tower, a boring red and white tower by day, is transformed into a bright golden tower come nightfall. And the rainbow bridge, as its name suggests, glows a multitude of colors.

For you to get the best shot of the Tokyo skyline, head down to Odaiba. Besides offering a stunning view for visitors, Odaiba also has themed shopping malls and gigantic entertainment complexes.

4. Singapore

Image Credits: Luke Ma

The night skyline of Singapore is dominated by the three towers of Marina Bay Sands and the backlit Singapore Flyer. There are few skylines in the world that are more instantly recognisable than Singapore’s.

Looking for something to do at night in Singapore? You can head down to Singapore’s very own light show, the Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands. Another great spot to view this show is across the Singapore River at the Merlion Park.

5. Dubai

Image Credits: Miroslav Petrasko

With many unique buildings in Dubai, like the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa (the tallest skyscraper in the world), the skyline of Dubai is impressive in the day. By night, the skyscrapers in Dubai are lit up, each contributing to the ethereal blue and gold skyline of Dubai.

You will have to go down to the Jumeirah road for the best views (and pictures) of the night skyline of downtown Dubai.

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6. Kuala Lumpur

Image Credits: Ezry Abdul Rahman    

With the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur lit up silver every night and towering above the rest of the skyscrapers, Kuala Lumpur’s skyline at night is something special to behold.

For the best view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline at night, head over to the observation deck in the KL Tower. Tickets to the KL Tower are inexpensive, with each tickets setting back an adult visitor by RM 52 (SGD 19.10). Visitors should note that they might have difficulty getting tickets into the KL Tower if they wish to buy them on the spot. As such, if you plan on visiting the KL Tower, you should plan in advance.

7. Macau

Image Credits: Global Reactions

In the daytime, the Macau skyline is much less impressive than some of the skylines on this list. However, once night falls, the neon lights on the buildings make the skyline of Macau truly stand out. One of the notable buildings that contributes to the Macau’s skyline is the Hotel and Grand Casino Lisboa, which is designed to resemble fireworks structurally. When the Grand Lisboa is lit up at night, the building look like fireworks against the night sky.

For the most mesmerising views of Macau’s night skyline, visitors can pay a visit to the Guia fortress. Once here, you can relax in solitude, away from the rest of the tourists to Macau.

8. Doha

Image Credits: hectorlo

Like Dubai, Doha houses some of the most majestic skyscrapers in the world, and that translates to a striking city skyline. However, the skyline is even more gorgeous at night. One of these skyscrapers is the Burj Quatar which shines like a torch in the skyline of Doha at night. Another notable skyscraper in of Doha is the Tornado Tower. The Tornado Tower, which is lit up in blue, remains alluring at night even in Doha’s sea of skyscrapers.

To see and photograph this fabulous skyline you will have to drive to The Corniche, which is a waterfront promenade running along Doha Bay. Once there, you can simply relax and enjoy the view that the Corniche has to offer.

Image Credits: Prachanart Viriyaraks    

Bangkok’s Skyline is nestled amidst older, lower rise buildings. However, when it is dark, all the buildings in Bangkok light up, making Bangkok’s night skyline a feast for the eyes.

The best place to get a picture of Bangkok’s skyline at night is the observation deck of the Bayoke ii Tower. Get a ticket for 400 baht (SGD 16) at the entrance of the tower if you would like to grab a drink at the bar one floor below the observation deck. The ticket comes with a complimentary drink that you can enjoy while admiring the skyline.

10. Taipei

Image Credits:

As the many high-rise buildings in Taipei are dwarfed by Taipei 101, the skyline of Taipei is visually interesting. And when night falls, the Taipei 101 and its surrounding buildings are lighted up to give visitors an amazing view.

The best place to get a picture of Taipei’s skyline would be Elephant Mountain, which is also known as the Nangang District Hiking Hill. You can walk up the hill to get some exercise and then take in Taipei’s breathtaking skyline as a reward.

So this rounds out our list of the best night skylines in Asia. Do you think that we have missed out any of Asia’s most beautiful night skylines? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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