What to Eat for Breakfast in Taiwan

What to Eat for Breakfast in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the breakfast foods are worth getting out of bed for. Here are some of the must-try local breakfast dishes.

Waking up early can be a pain, but less so when you’re waking up to these delicious breakfast dishes in Taiwan. During my stay there, I got up at 5am almost every morning to try a variety of local breakfasts across the country. The Taiwanese know how to kick off their day in the right way with nutritious and tasty delights, from the famous steam buns to the unique peanut milk.

Traditional Soybean Combo

Image credit: Lian Chang

As always, I started my food hunt with the most typical breakfast dishes in Taiwan: soya milk, pancake and dumplings. Available everywhere are traditional soybean joints where you can order local treats such as steamed buns, onion pancakes and of course, soya milk. The go-to combo consists of hot creamy soya milk, you tiao (fried breadstick) and meat bun. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, beef sandwich, egg mantou and wheat cake can make a great full meal to keep you energised for a long day.

Savoury bean curd soup

Image credit: Philip Lai

This dish stood out from the other soya-based breakfast dishes for its unique recipe. The hot bean curd is well seasoned with spices and topped with dried shrimps, pork floss, spring onions and chilli powder. Locals will add hot you tiao to the soup for added texture and crunch. Although I was hesitant to bite in at first, the creaminess, spiciness and the rich texture of this unique combination immediately won my heart. If you’re a fan of thick mushroom soup, I’m sure you will dig this too.

Rice rolls

Image credit: Daniel Chow

After an overdose of soya bean, I strolled along the streets of Taipei looking for the famous rice roll. A staple for Taiwanese locals, the rice roll is made of simple ingredients and sport a humble facade – but don’t be deceived. The succulent braised pork and pork floss, when wrapped in hot sticky rice cooked in a bamboo tube, culminate in an amazingly sweet, chewy and tangy combination. Pickled greens and radish delivered that kick of freshness for the taste buds. For those with a sweet tooth, you can opt for sweet rice rolls, which are made of brown sugar, you tiao and of course, tasty sticky rice.

Almond Egg Tea

Image credit: Vivian Yeung

Sometimes you want a full meal, and sometimes, just a cup of nutritious milk is good enough. If so, get yourself some almond egg tea. Sellers beat an egg yolk and flavour it with sugar. Thereafter, they will add some almond milk and tea into the creamy egg and mix it well. The rich flavour of the almond milk is amplified when served with egg yolk and the delicate fragrance of tea went surprisingly well with the creamy drink. Until today, I still wonder why this creative, tasty tea is not up on the menu of Taiwanese milk tea shops.

Peanut milk

Image credit: ikachalife

Peanut milk is not a distinct breakfast treat in its own right, but rather a side dish to the famous scallion pancake in a shop in Chiayi. However, for me, this could be my favourite discovery of the entire food hunt.  The peanut milk is thick and creamy and yet it is neither too sweet nor too doughy. Think of it as a shot of your favourite peanut butter.

Any more Taiwanese breakfast foods you love? Share it in the comments section below!

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