Why You Should Ditch Your Suitcase for A Backpack

Why You Should Ditch Your Suitcase for A Backpack

Want adventure? You need to ditch that suitcase and start travelling with a backpack right now.

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If you’ve been travelling your whole life with a suitcase, you may wonder what the big deal is with all the backpackers around.  Well, you should try to find out. Your decision to swap your suitcase for a backpack will be the best one you make for your travels, as you’ll always be able to pack up in a moment’s notice and be ready for adventure any time.

A backpack equals freedom, and if you want to explore the world, these reasons are why the backpack needs to become your perfect travelling companion.

Carry-on is king

When you are travelling to multiple destinations, you’ll realize that you want to make hopping on and off planes as easy as possible.  Checking luggage isn’t even a real possibility, you could miss a short connection, misplace your luggage, or be constantly worrying about damage.  The soft-sided backpack fits much more than a suitcase of the same size, and when your itinerary doesn’t have an end date yet, you’ll be glad that you can stuff even more into it.  This is why many long-term travellers choose backpacks over a suitcase – even if the case does meet carry-on restrictions.

Pockets galore

Once you switch to a backpack, you’ll love the endless compartments. Suitcases are more of a one and done type of deal – just toss it in, zip it up and hope for the best. With a backpack, everything has its place and the hidden pouches and pockets within pockets are a sometimes trip-saving place to store valuables. For those who love organization, backpacks will be your new best friend – your packing and unpacking routine will become like a calming activity with everything in its rightful spot.

Beats a suitcase for mobility

Think that lugging a suitcase across the cobblestone streets of Morocco or up a muddy hill to your hostel in the Philippines sounds like fun? Probably not. Which is why a backpack is much more convenient for the adventurous side of travel.  It is also much easier to get around in general, whether you need to quickly run to catch the last bus or make a spur-of-the-moment decision to hike up a mountain for a day or two with the new friends you just met in Japan.

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It inspires adventure

The number one reason you should swap your suitcase for a backpack is that you can literally go wherever.  Backpacks were built for campers and the outdoors.  This versatility transfers to worldwide travel, and you’ll never be hindered and find yourself saying no to a trip up Machu Picchu because of the luggage you chose.

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