4 Ways to Bring Home the Travel Vibes & Recreate Your Adventures

4 Ways to Bring Home the Travel Vibes

Bring back that sense of adventure!

How do you re-create the sense of adventure that you find on the road? Can you make your home feel like those neat places that you travelled to in the past?

Most people would say you can to some extent. Here are some tips (and what about a plush or firm mattress?) for making your home life fit what you experience when you go and rove about in the world.

A lot of this is about your frame of mind and your inspiration, but by setting the scene, you can encourage that kind of experience amid the comforts of home.

bring home travel vibes

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Colours and coverings

One of the most fundamental parts of this process is matching colours and creating spaces deliberately. Think about what you experience out in the world, and model that in your home’s interior design. That might mean changing things up – but then, maybe your house was ready for a makeover, anyway!

Beyond the colours and styles of the interior, though, it’s also about re-creating experiences through spaces.

Here’s an example—the campfire. This is an essential part of some kinds of travel, but you can also experience it right in your own backyard. Think about how to re-create these experiences closer to home, with a combination of using objects to decorate, and re-ordering spaces to fit your inner idea of what you saw and felt when you were out and about, beyond the local scenery.

The power of aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is, in some ways, the most powerful sense that we have.

By matching those pleasant aromas that we encounter on the road, we are promoting our minds to move to the same place as when we experienced those travel adventures. This is a simple way to explain it, but this type of aromatherapy really works. Try it your own way and find out.

essential oils

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For example, going back to that campfire idea, setting up a campfire can bring that spectacular smell of a wood-burning fire. Beyond that, perhaps you had a specific scent with you on the trail or on a trip. Use natural oils or incense or anything else to create that olfactory reenactment of your travel time.


Another way to re-create these travel experiences at home is through the use of souvenirs. These talismanic objects remind us of a certain place in time, and by decorating with them, you can help to create those spaces that make you feel what you feel when you’re travelling.

You will find no shortage of souvenirs as you travel. Many of these are cool-looking artefacts you can use to decorate your home to give it the feel of where you’ve been. What are some of your favourites? Put them in prominent places, like over the mantle, on a high-traffic wall, or in some space that you often go to while at home. Then you’ll get that jolt of memory whenever you happen by.

Your mattress

Then there’s a good night’s sleep, which is an important aspect of your life whether you’re travelling or resting at home.

Let’s talk about modelling your travel experience where you may have slept on a magnificent mattress in a hotel or lodging facility or elsewhere.

You absolutely can re-create this at home with a new mattress.

bring home travel vibes

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When you’re buying a new mattress, think in terms of what you need—whether you need a plush or firm mattress—and the mattress dimensions that will fit your bedroom. Also, think about where to recycle your mattress, and what mattress recycling or mattress disposal options will work best. But you can also think about whether a given mattress inspires you in a way that makes you dream of the places you’ve been as you travelled. Maybe you had a favourite hotel experience. Call them and ask them what you slept on, because that might matter.

Any of these tips can help you to get closer to that beloved travel sensation. Again, setting the stage in your mind is important, and so is how you decorate physical spaces to achieve that feeling. Those travel vibes (for instance, the feeling of playing with robots in Singapore) are something that many of us like to hang onto long after we have returned to our homes—and that makes sense. Deliberate planning and care makes that possible. Think about all the above and how you can use these ideas to make the home more like your experience on the road. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and the options are nearly endless. It’s another way to reimagine your home space and use the power of your imagination to improve how you feel about where you live!

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